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Why sell your house with Pollentia Properties?

  • We're a Company who has wide experience in Mallorca real estate, with a sales team located in the north of Mallorca foro ver 13 years.
  • We have multiple partners who collarborate with us thought the searching process to be able to give your property máximum exposure.
  • Our real estate experts can value your property.
  • We have very high and fast selling statistics.
  • We have a large network of both national and international buyers.
  • Our estate agents are intensively dedicated to selling your property.
  • Our estate agents live in and have great knowledge of the area
  • Integral attention service provided to our clients: legal, financial and valuational.

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Houses for sale in Mallorca

Sometimes we decide to change our residence, either for financial reasons or because we're just looking for a change of scene. The truth is that any excuse is a good one to decide to make a change in your lives, and that's why at Pollentia Properties we wish to be by your side throughout the whole process.

We have a large amount of potential buyers both national and international who would be interested in purchasing your property, and we try to make this exchange equally beneficial for both parties.

At Pollentia Properties we have great resources
for selling your property quickly

Have your property
ready for viewings

Lots of times we think that our decoration is the best, any that anyone would appreciate our good taste, but it’s not always that way. Lots of times what a potential buyer is looking for isn't the same as what we'd look for, so that's why we suggest you allow our agents to give you some advice.

Sometimes it's as easy as changing the distribution of furniture, giving a room more light, just emptying some of places to give an aspect of more space, or even changing some colours so the house has more harmony.

Having a good
marketing strategy

Publicity is what will make all of the previous efforts reach the final buyers. A good presentation and correct implementation of a marketing plan for your property will make it sell in less time than what you'd think.

Pollentia Properties will make sure of determining which is the best strategy for selling your property, which market is should be aimed at and will make it stand out from the rest.

Photograph´s are best taken by professionals

A good capture isn't always easy, and even more so when it comes to working with different focuses and lighting. The perfect touch can be given to you by a good professional with experience in the real estate sector.

You have to think that it's not the same to take a photo with a simple camera as it is to do so with a professional one, which would also include the possibility of taking aerial photos with a drone, or the posterior modification and editing by professionals.

Allowing the market to define the price of your property

Via a series of elements, at Pollentia Properties our experts will be able to calculate exactly which is the current value of your property depending on the time it's placed on the market.

Some of these specifications are, amongst others:

~ Location of the property.
~ Current state of the property and future prevision.
~ Competition in the area.
~ Services and surroundings of the property.

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