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How many people intervene in a real estate purchase-sale transaction?
June 14, 2016

How many people intervene in a real estate purchase-sale transaction?

The purchase-sale of a property isn't an easy task as lots of people believe it to be, but that's why there are professionals who take care of, working between everyone, making it look like an easy task.

It's true that people who go without them when it comes to buying or selling a property usually have to pay the price, because they weren't assured at the time that their property was in perfect condition.

Here there's a list of the experts which can help us in the purchase-sale of a property:

  • Estate Agents:

    Estate agents are the main professionals who you should count on if you wish to buy or sell a property. They have experience in the sector, as well as knowledge of the different areas your property may be located in, and along with that the adequate price and various means to better satisfy your needs.

  • Lawyer:

    A lawyer is a jurisdictional figure who advises either the client or the estate agency, and makes sure that his side is completely protected against possible legal effects. During the purchase-sale process of a property, the lawyer makes sure that the jurisdictional situation of the property is in order, as well as the negotiation of the necessary documents, and will defend the clients' interests.

  • Notary:

    The notary is a public jurisdictional professional who serves to give faith to the different actions carried out by the client. He can intervene in different parts, but always in a neutral way, with what is established, and always looking to neither prejudice nor favour any of the parts which intervene. His intention isn't obligatory, but it facilitates that if there is a posterior problem between the parts, the purchase-sale and everything which represents it has been formalized in public deed.

  • Bank:

    The bank is the middle man who acts as a credit provider when it comes to wanting to purchase a property and needing a loan. After analysing your personal and financial situation, they can give you credit corresponding to the relation of compliment on your behalf to certain criteria. When it comes to establishing the contract, the bank will ask you for a guarantee to be able to trust that the loan will be returned, and that's called a mortgage.

  • Accountant/Gestoria:

    The “gestoria” is an administrative system who's in charge of all of the arrangements posterior to the purchase-sale so that the client can forget the paperwork such as the Property Registry, Taxes, rents… and the gestoria is in charge of optimizing your money as much as possible, creating a fund, in case of having to pay anything extra, and that's why their invoice might seem bulkier, but all of the leftover money will be returned once the contract is finalised.

  • Property Registry:

    This is a state function (of public character) who inscribes the domain and real rights of the property. It's not always needed, except in the case of having to constitute a mortgage and other rights, in which case it is obligatory. For more help, before purchasing a property, the Property Registry can help you in knowing its jurisdictional situation. It's very important to be sure that the property is inscribed in the Property Registry to be able to avoid future problems.

  • Architect:

    The architect is one of the main elements when it comes to constructing or renovating a property, and that's why he´ll be able to advise about the situation of the property better than anyone. If we wish to remodel the property, or build a new one, the architect will be indispensable, as well as letting us know if a property we wish to purchase isn´t in perfect condition to be used a holiday home for renting.

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