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Reasons as to why you should make an investment in Mallorca
November 28, 2017

Reasons as to why you should make an investment in Mallorca

There has never been a better a time to invest in Mallorca, whether it be investing in villas, houses or future business investments. The climate is perfect, and the island is welcoming and charming. Why not see what options you could have in the investment field in Mallorca with Pollentia Properties.


Mallorca is a popular destination even for celebrities

Located within the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island. It is also a breath taking location filled with hidden heavenly beaches, picturesque landscapes and a delicious cuisine. You can always tell how incredible a location really is by its visitors, Mallorca is called home by many very famous names whom which dedicate time out of their busy schedules to ensure they can visit the island, such as Richard Branson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Pierce Brosnan. So if the properties are good enough for these A-listers then why not join them and own a piece of paradise for yourself?


Enjoy a personalised service at Pollentia Properties

If you decide to invest in a property in Mallorca, there are several directions which you can follow so that you find your dream home. Firstly we would like to mention property developments in Mallorca. These developments can work from a simple plot of land or a ruin which you want to make your own. Our team of specialists include builders, architects, surveyors and many more skilled professionals, to ensure that every step of the way is taken care of and you feel relaxed knowing that we have everything organised. We make sure that you are consulted every step of the way, we listen to your questions and doubts, ensuring that your future vision is achieved. If you’re not looking for a home and you want more of an economic investment that will return a healthy profit, we have several projects that are worth investing in. Such as golf courses for sale in Mallorca for sale with attached accommodation or luxury holiday villas. 


We advice you on your investment in Mallorca 


Currency exchanges made simple for a secured investment in Mallorca

 As we all know the world economy has been fluctuating over the years meaning that we aren’t receiving as much for our money as we used to. When going abroad there are always worries that you won’t get enough for your money or that you can be ripped off with high exchange rates and confusing bank transfers. We want to make it all simple. At Pollentia Properties we rely on a fantastic network of currency exchange businesses ensuring that we can give you the best price possible and at times save money! We offer a service that is fast and efficient, with good exchange rates, authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and we guarantee that the highest security measures are taken so that all of your details are safe and secure. Exchanging currency has never been so easy! 


We help every step of the investment process in Mallorca

Investing in property abroad can be a stressful process, there are terminologies that you may not have heard of, language barriers, meetings to set up, bank appointments to attend and it can all be a little overwhelming when you’re in a new environment. We want to take the stress away and make our clients feel as calm and in control as possible. When buying a property you are likely to be in two positions, you will either be wanting to make a sale with no financial support meaning you will not need to acquire a mortgage, or you will need to arrange with banks to apply for a mortgage and await approval. If your situation is the latter then you will need to read up on a very important acronym called TAE. This term will be used over and over again as it is a method in which to calculate the interest and repayment rates of a mortgage. 


Even the experts are telling you to invest in real estates in Mallorca!

Financial experts and various market studies point out that one of the most profitable option at the moment is to invest your money in to property in Mallorca. So why is this? Within the last year the EURIBOR, the interest rates of which banks are lending money amongst one another, has been at a record low. This information means that those who hold large savings accounts are not experiencing very high returns on their savings account and that interests for mortgages are quite low, what makes it twice as profitable to invest in a property in Mallorca. With us buying a property is simple and stress free, why not invest in a stunning sea view apartment or a luxury country home, properties which can be rented out all year round or just during the high tourist season, both options will return profit and keep you earning that little bit extra. Property has always been a strong investment and right now there has never been a better time to buy in Mallorca, even the experts are saying it!  


Don't get confused on making an investment in Mallorca. We'll advice you!


Always know what you’re looking for when you want to invest in Mallorca

A property is a high cost item and when investing a large sum of money in to something, you want it to be just right. You need to have many things in mind when selecting what’s right for you when making an investment in Mallorca, such as the size of your budget, whether you will be living there all year round or just renting it out, whether there will be pets to accommodate for, if you plan to construct extensionsswimming pools in the future etc. At Pollentia Properties we work extremely hard to find the property of your dreams, we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and know that they can trust in us. We will help you every step of the way and get you to your end goal in a calm and pressure free manner. 


Two of the best options for investments in Mallorca: Palma and Pollensa

So you have decided you want to invest your money in Mallorca but where do you choose to make this investment? The island is filled with hidden charming towns and thriving districts. If you’re looking for a busier and more metropolitan lifestyle, why not take a look at some of our properties for sale in Palma? Palma is a fantastic option, it has so much to offer that you will never be short of something to do. You will find, luxury shopping districts, fine dining, flea markets, beaches, cinemas and a rich cultural heritage. There are many different types of properties which you can buy in Palma, from townhouses to apartments, if you are wanting something with less upkeep and want to keep it simple, take a look at our selection of apartments for sale in PalmaHowever if you’re more of a nature lover and you enjoy being outside of the main tourist hustle and bustle why not think about a property for sale in Pollensa. Pollensa is a charming town in the north that has an endless list of fantastic features, it’s near to some of the islands best beaches, there are fantastic facilities, culture, picturesque landscapes and great bars and restaurants. This town is a great option for those looking for a smaller and quieter town but that still has everything you need. 


We help you to make the perfect investment in Mallorca




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