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May 14, 2019

The summer fiestas brought to you by your real estate agency in Pollensa: Part 1

The true essence of Pollensa becomes even more apparent during the summer season. The perfect-for-instagram sunsets and beach bars join forces with the multitude of popular festivities which are celebrated over the summer and which pay tribute to some of the oldest traditions of the town of Pollensa. Would you like to know what celebrations you just can´t miss out on this summer? Our real estate agency in Pollensa will give you all the details in this blog article.


Corpus Christi- a really unique tradition near your property in Pollensa

This religious celebration takes place 60 days after Easter Sunday. The celebration of Corpus Christi represents one of the oldest traditions which takes place only in the town of Pollensa.

Year after year this Mallorcan municipality vibrates to the traditional Ball de les Àguiles and Joan Pelòs which winds through the main streets of Pollensa during the Corpus procession, which as well as being an ancestral ritual which began more than four centuries ago, has also become a main tourist attraction in the town. 

The procession commences after the mass, at dusk, in the church square in Pollensa where Sant Joan Pelòs leads the way for the Àguiles (the eagles) who perform in the procession and who are followed by the image of the Eucharist, the town band, the eagles’ parents and the boys and girls who have received their first communion this year.

Traditionally the Ball de les Àguiles is performed by two young women dressed in white and adorned in baroque style jewellery supplied by the families of the town. Sant Joan Pelós also performs a ritual dance originating from time immemorial which makes the Corpus Christi in Pollensa one of the biggest tourist attractions in the municipality. Buying a house for sale in Pollensa means that you can form an emotional link  with one of the most heartfelt traditions in the municipality and which will remain forever in your memory.


Experience the Festes de Sant Pere from your apartment in Puerto Pollensa

The celebration of Sant Pere, the patron saint of sailors, is one of the most important dates in Puerto Pollensa, a place with great maritime tradition. From the 28th of June the town of Puerto Pollensa celebrates the Festes de Sant Pere and the Fira del Mar where fans of all things maritime can enjoy the sardinada (barbecued sardines) on the old pier accompanied by music, different parades including carnival figures and many more activities which attract numerous residents and tourists who come together to enjoy one of the most popular celebrations on the island. Live this important fiesta in your apartment in Puerto Pollensa and take part in all these activities.


Maritime traditions during the Festes de la Verge del Carme in Puerto Pollensa

From the 8th to the 17th of July  a huge range of activities for all ages and tastes adorn Puerto Pollensa  with an array of colours and a festive atmosphere. The Verge del Carmen is also celebrated in Puerto Pollensa on the 16th of July in accordance with its historic fishing traditions.

In addition to the festivals and concerts, the most representative act is the maritime  procession in honour of the Virgin del Carme, the patron saint of the parish of Puerto Pollensa. Following mass in the Church of the Mare de Déu del Carme, the maritime procession begins in the bay of Pollensa with all the fishing boats which are decorated for the occasion and captained by the fishermen’s chief boat which is in charge of transporting the virgin and the figures of Sant Pere. This fantastic event attracts thousands of spectators every year in one of the most popular and well-known festivals in Mallorca. Experience one of the most colourful traditions from the balcony of your seafront property in Puerto Pollensa.


Live the first summer fiestas near your house in Pollensa

As the abovementioned summer festivities come to an end, this doesn’t mean that summer is over! There’s a lot left to see and a whole island to explore. Which is why we recommend keeping up to date on our blog during the next month, as we will be presenting all the necessary information for you to continue enjoying all the celebrations near your house in Pollensa

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