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Steps to follow for successfully selling your property in Mallorca
September 11, 2019

Steps to follow for successfully selling your property in Mallorca

Selling any property can be a very daunting and often emotional decision which when not handled correctly can become very complicated. In this blog article we will be sharing with you a series of steps to follow which will ensure that when you decide to sell your property in Mallorca, it will be a complete success. Continue reading to find out more!


Deciding to sell and choosing an agent for your property in Mallorca

Deciding to sell any property can be a difficult decision to make, there are many factors such as the state of the market, your financial stability and personal situation which can affect your decision to sell or not. Taking this into account you must be sure that you are fully prepared to put your property on the market.

Once you have decided that you want to sell your property in Mallorca the next step is to choose a real estate agency that you can trust. Selecting the right estate agency is a very important step as they will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that your property is sold successfully, for all the legal proceedings and that it is a totally smooth process.

When you have selected the estate agency or estate agent with which you would like to sell your property, they will meet with you to obtain more information such as:

  • Type of property
  • Features of the property (size, location, year of construction)
  • Asking price
  • Marketing strategy for the property
  • Expectations for the sale

At Pollentia Properties, real estate agency in Pollensa, we have a highly qualified team of experienced professionals who will always focus on offering you the best service possible.


Legal procedure for the sale of your property

Once you have come to an agreement with your real estate agency about the important points of the sale, they will then prepare a legal agreement which outlines all the significant details of your sale such as the selling price, advertising costs,  the type of agreement etc. These contracts usually contain a lot of legal terminology and conditions so we suggest seeking the advice of your solicitor to explain these terms or alternatively when selling with Pollentia Properties, real estate agency in Pollensa, we will always be there to answer any questions or queries which you may have.


Advertising your property for sale in Mallorca

Creating an advertising and marketing strategy is extremely important as this is how your property will be reaching the public and therefore lead to a sale. Regarding the promotion of your property it is important that you are aware of all the platforms which are available, such as Facebook, Instagram and also websites. As well as the traditional method of having a listing in the window. Additionally, most experienced estate agencies will have a company photographer who will visit your property and create a portfolio of professional images which will highlight the most important features of your property.

Another interesting factor to take into account is how you want to conduct viewings. In most cases potential buyers will see the property advertised and contact the real estate agency to arrange a viewing which will then be confirmed with the vendor. Alternatively, you can host an open house event, these types of viewing are very popular as the buyers can take their own time to see every single aspect of the property.


Accepting an offer in Mallorca

If up to this point you have been successful in every step, an interested buyer/s will contact your real estate agency and they will advise you on how to proceed. If you want to negotiate the offer made by the buyer, then you will do so through your real estate agency until you reach a satisfactory agreement.

Once you have accepted an offer your solicitor will begin preparing a final contract and request that the buyer pay a deposit to secure the property. Before everything is finalised both the vendor and the buyer will have their bank accounts reviewed to ensure that they meet all legal and financial requirements.


Sell your property in Mallorca with Pollentia Properties

When all the previously mentioned steps are completed the only thing that is left to do is hand over the keys and celebrate that you have successfully sold your property. If you are looking to sell your property in Mallorca and you want a reliable and trustworthy partner to handle the sale who can also offer a free home valuationcontact Pollentia Propertiesreal estate agency in Pollensa, and we can advise you at every step of the way.


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