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December 11, 2019

Experience the Spanish Christmas celebrations at your property in Pollensa

The second half of December is a deeply emotive for people living in Mallorca and the rest of Spain. Like other countries in the western culture, Christmas and New Year’s Eve figure strongly in the homes of every resident in homes and properties in Pollensa together with a feeling of nostalgia. At Pollentia Properties, real estate agency in Pollensa, we love Christmas for its power to bring everybody together and create a sense of affection. In addition, we would like to take advantage of this article to explain the characteristics of the traditional Christmas celebrations in Spain. Would you like to know more? We will be giving you all the details in this blog article.


Christmas, an important family celebration at your property in Pollensa

The Christmas celebrations are not held on just one day. From the 22nd of December until the 26th, friends, couples and families hold a series of get togethers at home to celebrate the festive period.

The festive calendar begins on the 22nd of December, the day which the children break up from school and begin their holidays. On this day, adults try their luck by participating in the historic Christmas Lottery, which dates back to 1763 and hands over large sums of money to the lucky winners.

Two days later, on the 24th of December, Christmas comes to life. It’s time for Christmas Eve, a special time in which whole families come together around the table to celebrate life with typical food and desserts. On this night, food normally includes cured meats and different snacks to get things started. Lamb, suckling pig and turkey follow for the main courseand Christmas sweet treats for dessert. Although the meals do vary from family to family, the spirit is always the same: to celebrate with those you love most during this emotive time and remember those who are no longer with us.

The 25th of December is, officially, Christmas Day. On this occasion, family members help to set the table for another meal and those who stayed up later have a little more time to recover. But everyone gather round the table once again to take advantage of the leftovers from the day before and have a meal in a more relaxed atmosphere. This day is a public holiday in all of Spain, so it is common to make the most of this day to relax with no formal commitments.

The next important day of the holidays is Saint Steven, the 26th of December. This day is celebrated in the Mediterranean part of Spain and is commonly known as the second day of Christmas. It is also a public holiday and locals use it as a day to contact their loved ones whom they haven’t been able to see in the preceding days. Any excuse is a good one to keep on celebrating!


Pollentia Properties wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Our real estate agency in Pollensa wishes you all the best for what is left of this year and the forthcoming 2020. And there’s no better way to welcome in the year than by buying a property in Pollensa. The tranquillity and sense of welcome that Pollensa offers to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones is very special, so don’t hesitate to take a look at our catalogue of properties in Mallorca and find your new home in a land filled with culture and traditions as beautiful as these. We look forward to welcoming you to the island for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of the whole team at Pollentia Properties!


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