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How to take photos that can really speed up the sale of your property
September 18, 2020

How to take photos that can really speed up the sale of your property

In recent years, our approach to showing our clients’ properties has changed. Today we know that the way we present your property on the web is essential to generate sales opportunities, so special attention should be paid to a number of related aspects. If you have successfully completed the checklist we shared with you in a previous blog concerningthe steps to take when selling your property in Mallorca, don´t miss our photography-for-vendors guide, which explains how to take the best photos of your property. Below you can find a number of tips to show off your property for sale in Mallorca in the most attractive way.


How to take photos that will help sell your home: basic steps for organizing the space

As a general rule, to obtain photos that will help sell your property, always pay close attention to the following details:

Ensure that the property is spotless: it is essential to maintain absolute cleanliness in all rooms, this also includes the furniture installed in each one of them.

Replace all broken bulbs: this small detail may go unnoticed, and yet it plays a fundamental role in getting the best possible results.

Open blinds and curtains to allow natural light to enter: images with natural light are usually much more attractive, because they provide more warmth and a sense of home, so a property with large windows that allow light to enter will have a better chance of selling. In this sense, it is worth noting that taking pictures at daybreak or at nightfall gives you the opportunity to make the most of the sunlight at its best.

Remove all personal photos: the presence of other people in a photo can distract buyers from the message that you want to convey, so it is necessary to remove them before taking your photos.

Make all the beds: tidiness, as we have already mentioned, is fundamental. Beds, especially those in the master bedrooms, are key to transmitting a sense of calm and security. Hence, it is very important that they are presented as neatly as possible, and if the bedding has warm colours, so much the better.

The facade of your property: an opportunity to encourage buyers

What we see first is fundamental. Notwithstanding the importance of the many charms of our municipality, if the property you want to sell is not suitably shown off, it will not connect with potential buyers. Therefore, especially the façade of the property must comply with the aspects detailed below:

• Remove cars and other vehicles from the entrance and front of the property: it may seem a minor detail, but keeping the view of the property free of obstacles will contribute to creating a greater impact.

• Clean and tidy up around the property (prune shrubs, sweep up leaves…): the overall appearance of the property must be immaculate. Both indoors and outdoors, it is essential to present the property in a pristine and elegant manner, this will enhance its grandeur, especially if its design is outstanding in any particular way.

Outdoor terraces always make a powerful sales incentive, so if your property includes one or more, you should display them as attractively as possible. Equally important is the correct presentation of the garden and pool areas of your property:

Mow the lawn, and keep the exterior of the house in tip-top shape.

• Remove footballs and other toys lying around outside.

• Displaying an immaculate swimming pool will allow visitors to identify with the property, and to imagine themselves living there.

• Remove the vacuum cleaner and/or pool cleaner hoses, as well as other visible water hoses: it is important to keep this area tidy, and to put away everything used for maintenance.

Put the pool fountains and other water features into action: those who value outdoor life, especially in a climate as privileged as ours, will pay special attention to these elements.

How to photograph the kitchen and other rooms, making them look spacious

The challenge for both vendors and real estate agents is to present only the best photos, if possible those that offer a fabulous view from the outside to the inside of the property. One solution is to use your camera's widescreen mode, which shows the dimensions of the space in its entirety. As for the preparation of the space, we recommend that you do the following:

Clean countertops, knife blocks, baking utensils and anything else that might be visible.

Avoid showing more than one small household appliance in the photographs, for example the coffee machine.

Clean the outside of the refrigerator of magnets, Post-its and pictures. This will add to the sensation of a brand-new space ready to live in.

• Clear the sink of any dishes and any other items for washing up.

Put out fresh fruit on a counter top, this adds colour to the photos, and gives a welcoming feeling to those entering the room albeit on a virtual basis.

How to photograph living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms: some basic composition tips

Remove children's toys, and any other items that are not absolutely essential. The eye-catching colours of some children's toys can divert attention from our real objective: to show the room or space, and its possibilities.

Tidy up magazines and newspapers and remove any if necessary. Continuing with the previous suggestions, the aim is to keep only those elements that add value to our image.

• As for the rest of the rooms, before taking photos, it is advisable to remove all kinds of personal photos.

Make the bed(s), and clear the bedside table(s) of all personal items.

Store cables and chargers for phones and tablets.

Remove all the clutter from the dressing table tops.

Remove all family snapshots from the walls as well.

In the bathroom it will be equally necessary to:

Remove all personal hygiene products, and dirty towels.

Clean all surfaces thoroughly.

As for the main rooms, we will continue along the same lines, trying to place the key elements of each photo, depending on our dexterity with the camera, according to the rule of thirds. This is a composition technique used in photography, in which an image or scene is evenly divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. By placing what we want to emphasize (windows, corners, paintings...) at the intersections of this imaginary grid, they will automatically receive more attention from the viewer.

Contact our real estate agency in Pollensa, and receive professional advice on how to sell your property

If you are thinking of selling your home on the island, first take a look at how to do it, and discover our fantastic selection of properties for sale in Mallorca. With all the tips and tricks we have given you, or through our professional photographer Matthew Peter Wordwide, we have no doubt that all your photographs will look great, and will serve as an incentive to sell your property. Contact us if you want to know more about this and other ways to speed up the sale of your property, or if you have any further questions about selling your home in Mallorca. At Pollentia Properties we will help you find that ideal buyer for your property!



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