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Live and invest in Mallorca with the Golden Visa

Live and invest in Mallorca with the Golden Visa

Would you like to obtain a residence and work permit in Mallorca and invest in a property? The Golden Visa is one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain residence in Spain for non-EU citizens and, now also, for British citizens who, after Brexit, have ceased to have benefits of mobility and have ceased to stay within the European Union.

If you wish to buy a property in Mallorca for over half a million euros or if you have already purchased one after 2014, you will be able to live and work in Spain without having to come more than once a year.

Pollentia Properties can provide you with information about how to obtain the Golden Visa and everything you need to know about this visa for investors in Spain.

Pollentia Properties, your real estate in Pollensa, explain you what it is, how to obtain the Golden Visa and everything you need to know about this investor visa in Spain.


The requirements for investing in Mallorca with a Golden Visa

If you are a non-EU investor and wish to set up an investment project in Mallorca and live on our marvelous island at the same time, it will interest you to be aware of the requisites for this special type of residency.  It consists of a document for non-EU citizens who wish to obtain a residence permit in Spain and who intend to invest or have already invested a significant amount in Spain. These are the requisites: 

-          Non-EU citizen

-          Over 18 (legally adults in Spain)

-          No criminal record, neither in Spain or in the country of residence in the last 5 years

-          Have medical insurance in Spain

-          Possess and be able to demonstrate sufficient financial funds to support both main investor and their family.

-          Make the corresponding investment and have the documentation to prove it.

This Visa has many advantages because it allows you to work and live legally in Spain and you will only have to visit the country once a year by law. This system guarantees you total freedom of movement in the Schengen area. 

When you obtain your residency permit you can apply for the same for your spouse and children simultaneously and, what is more important, it will not be necessary to do this from Spain.


A guaranteed fruitful investment in Mallorca

In order to obtain the Golden Visa in Mallorca one or several properties on the island for a total value of 500.000€. On top of this amount are the Notary, Land Register and taxes costs which have to be paid in cash. You can buy more than one property at the same time and a mortgage can be applied for if the minimum amount stipulated is exceeded. If a single property is under the required amount, you could consider complying by acquiring a parking space or some other type of premises, for example, in order to reach the 500.000€ minimum amount.

After making your investment you can rent the property out but if you sell it at any time during the following five years, your Visa will not be renewed unless you invest another 500.000 €.


Retain services from the experts, from our real estate agency in Pollensa

Provided that the investment is maintained, the validity of the Golden Visa will be for two years renewable for periods of five years. After the first 10 years pf legal residency in Spain, the investor will be able to obtain nationality. Pollentia Properties, the Estate Agency in Pollensa recommend that you hire the services of professionals in the field such as our investment service in Mallorca.


Contact Pollentia Properties, your local Estate Agency in Mallorca.

Pollentia Properties, a local Estate Agency in Mallorca, recommends taking advantage of systems such as the Golden Visa,  a facility provided by the European Union, and invest in Mallorca.

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