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The silence of breathing, a journey to western meditation
March 26, 2021

The silence of breathing, a journey to western meditation

Meditation is an age old technique which began in India thousands of years ago and which todays continues to be very much alive on account of its many benefits for both mind and body.

The interest of the writer Nicolas García Ardura in the universe of meditation has permitted him to put his knowledge within reach of everybody through the Silence of breathing. This work gives the reader the opportunity of understanding the relativity of time and the importance of generating a respiratory consciousness in everyday life.

Following several trips as a volunteer, having unique experiences in meditation centres and training as a yoga teacher, Nicolas García Ardura made the decision to put down on paper his experience and wisdom from an educational and novelistic point of view.

The silence of breathing thus came into being, a 110 page novel which captivates the reader with a western vision of the art of meditation and conscious control of breathing.

From Pollentia Properties, your Estate Agency in Mallorca, we encourage you to take part in a vibrant journey through the pages of a book which will help you to acquire first-hand knowledge of all the secrets of meditation.


A journalist and a monk united by meditation

The silence of breathing tells the story of Juan, a journalist who is disorganized, insecure, forgetful and impulsive and who is unable to find his place in the world until his sister Andrea introduces him to an oriental monk called Jesus: a methodical, serene, quiet and intelligent man who will help him reveal the enigmas of meditation.

An age old science which can become the best companion to those who are determined to fight against the negative effects of stress, nerves and the frenetic rythym of life which so often affect the well-being of the human race.

Nicolas García Ardura provides an explanation, emphasizing that “as we all know, we are immersed in a capitalist world dominated by companies and the only way to channel and raise awareness about this frenetic lifestyle we are obliged to live is through the search for tranquility, meditation, body awareness and understanding of life as it is, the personal”.

The silence of breathing puts at the disposal of the reader a novel about meditation which, through the story of Juan, Andrea and Jesus, helps to understand the concept of time, social values and the stages that a human being experiences in relation to information received and which alters the state of the body on a chemical level.


A novel that invites you to think and to awaken your conscious breathing

Through the pages of The silence of breathing, García Andura achieves an exceptional combination of western science and the actions of an oriental monk aimed at transmitting cam, peace and tranquillity through his own experience and the dialogues between the characters.

Through the pages of this work it is possible to gain first-hand knowledge of the personalities of the human being, the existing state, the respiratory consciousness and the benefits of meditation.

The Silence of Breathing becomes, in this way, an ode to western meditation and a story which invites the reader to stop for a minute and think, to be conscious of the here and now, to do breathing exercises and to acquire in-depth knowledge of their inner selves.


Mallorca, the perfect place for meditation

Meditation is an activity brimming over with benefits from its power to reduce stress levels, improve memory, lower blood pressure and help live life consciously to its fullest.

In Pollentia Properties we value work such as The silence of breathing and we invite all our clients to take advantage of this age old technique on the island of Mallorca, an idyllic location full of fantastic places where you can devote time to breathing, concentration and personal well-being.

Contact your real estate team in Mallorca and we will help you to find your ideal home on the island.


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