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June 21st: International Day of Dogs in the Workplace
June 15, 2022

June 21st: International Day of Dogs in the Workplace

June 21st is the International Day of Dogs in the Workplace. This celebration is becoming more popular very year and originated in the United States in 1999 as a recognition of the importance pets have in our personal lives and, as a consequence, the effect they have on our working lives. 

Every dog owner knows how difficult it is to leave your dog at home every morning and the joyous welcome you receive when you return!

Pets can reduce stress levels in our busy lives

Psychologists recognize that pets, especially dogs and cats, can contribute to reducing stress levels in our busy lives, so where better to see this in action than in the workplace albeit for one day only.

Dogs have a way of bringing people closer because dog owners have this shared interest in their pets and can connect on this level. In Pollentia Properties, in Mallorca, we aim to be pioneers in this particular field! We are planning to bring our dogs to the office on June 21st to celebrate our relationship with our pets, have a little fun and have our photographer immortalize some beautiful moments. Come and share it with us at Alcudia 4, bring your dog and see how this works!

How to move with a dog

Owning a dog often represents a problem when people are considering buying a property and moving from the UK to Mallorca. It doesn´t necessarily have to be if you do your research on the documentation you need to acquire. Basically, dogs need to be microchipped and have an Animal Health Certificate which must be signed by an officially appointed Vet. Your dog will obviously have received its yearly vaccinations and for travelling the most important one is the anti-rabies.

Pollentia Properties helps you to find the perfect house in Mallorca

It is a well-known fact that Mallorca is a great place for people with kids and we can safely say the same for dog owners. Fantastic locations for walks which benefit both dogs and humans, good vets close at hand and a fabulous way to get to know new people when you are with your dog because the dogs will introduce you!  What more could you wish for? A life in the sun accompanied by your very best friend.

Are you planning to move to Mallorca with your dog? Take a look at our website and find the perfect property to buy here! In Pollentia Properties you can buy the ideal house in Mallorca. Contact us!

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