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secondPROP, company in collaboration with Pollentia Properties

secondPROP, company in collaboration with Pollentia Properties

Pollentia Properties is working in collaboration with secondPROP, a company which offers the possibility of buying a property to use on the basis of between two and eight buyers forming  a simple and reliable coproperty group. The buyers feel completely at home in a personalized environment and book stays through secondPROP´s own application.

The purchase system is based on investors acquiring shares in a limited company (SL) set up with the purpose of buying the property and giving the participants the right to use this property for a length of time corresponding to the percentage of investment in the company.

Booking stays in the property will be made through the secondPROP intuitive APP, available in Apple Store and Google Play. The application has been created with certain algorithms and rules with the objective of being fair to all participants.

To this effect, the secondPROP webpage has a list of properties for sale with a view to getting together a minimum number of investors to then provide capital for the limited company to purchase the property.

The application allows bookings two days prior to the date of arrival (for a last minute short break) and up to two years in advance (in order to secure the required dates):


  • 1 share = 1/8 of the property = 45 nights per year
  • 2 shares = 1/4 of the property = 90 nights per year
  • 3 shares = 3/8 of the property = 135 nights per year
  • 4 shares = 1/2 of the property = 180 nights per year


Why pay 100% of the house when you only use it for a few weeks each year?


Advantages for you


  • A fantastic second home for 1/8th of the price: Work from your new home or take a holiday whenever you like during the whole year.
  • Studies indicate that second homes are only used for 14% of the year: you only visit your second residence for a few weeks every year. Get enjoyment our of your investment!
  • Have your experience as an owner totally taken care of: forget about legal procedures and about maintenance of your second residence.

If you don´t like any of the properties, don´t worry!  Tell them what you are looking for and they will find the perfect house for you.