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The connection between Agatha Christie and Pollensa
September 09, 2022

The connection between Agatha Christie and Pollensa

A great number of artists have found a source of infinite inspiration on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, great figures from the world of culture have been attracted to Mallorca.

Writers of great renown from all eras who visited the island were captivated by its scenery. Jules Verne located his most famous novel in the Caves of Drach and Artà, a distinctive backdrop to ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. A similar case is that of Agatha Christie, who used Puerto Pollensa as the location for one of her stories.

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”Problem at Pollensa Bay” a case for Parker Payne


The British novelist who even today remains a fundamental figure of contemporary and crime literature travelled widely throughout her writing years. Although most of her personal life is surrounded by a shroud of mystery, Agatha Christie visited Pollensa at the beginning of the 1930s.

After spending about fifteen days in this location in Mallorca, Agatha Christie wrote a story which, up to a short time ago, was out of print. ‘Problem at Pollensa Bay’, the story which provided the name of the book published for the first time in 1939, was recovered and published once again a few years ago.

In this story, the writer recounts one of the adventures of Parker Payne, one of her fictional detectives. Payne, surprised on his arrival by the great number of tourists, travels to the north of the island.   There he stays in Puerto Pollensa, the backdrop for the story.

Agatha Christie, in her unmistakeable style, describes the island of Mallorca in great detail both in a social and geographical sense. Pollensa is the focus of skilful and accurate descriptions. The story specifically mentions the port, an idyllic location described by the writer as tranquillity surrounded by stunning scenery.


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