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Why having sea views is the best feature of a luxury property in Mallorca
November 07, 2022

Why having sea views is the best feature of a luxury property in Mallorca

The many shades of blue of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean bathe every single corner of the coast of Mallorca even creeping into the nooks and crannies of the rock caves and lapping at the edges of the beaches of silver sand. Every year millions of people visit the island, a paradise where many would like to stay forever.

Demand for properties is on the increase but at the same time there are very few properties for sale and those available are of an exclusive nature. For this reason, many people from all over the world decide to buy a property in Mallorca as an investment or as a residence and a considerable number of them include sea views as an essential feature.

From mansions with pools that seem to have no end, to attics with amazing sundecks, you can find properties dreams are made of on this island from paradise and where homeowners can feel at one with the sea. There are even some very special properties which have private steps which lead directly down into the pleasantly warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Pollentia Properties offers you the best properties with sea views in Mallorca. Everywhere on the island there are true property gems waiting to be discovered by you.


The Mallorca coastline and its unique features

The island can be seen as a map of changing scenery and features. The north, west, south and east regions are all different and unique in their own way. They all have beaches which must be seen to be believed, charming little towns and exclusive restaurants where you can try the local cuisine.


The north of the island is famous for its sheer cliffs which plunge down into beautiful coves and create a fusion of the sea and Tramuntana Mountain Range, creating stunning scenes such as the Cape of Formentor.

The municipality of Pollensa, the emblem of the northern region, is well known and loved by visitors and overseas buyers, The luxury property market is firmly established here. Numerous country houses and villas have been built due to the demand on the part of  buyers who want to possess their own little piece of the island.

Between Pollensa and the neighbouring town of Alcudia there are exclusive areas of luxury properties. Here there are exquisitely designed properties with direct views of the Mediterranean Sea. In Bonaire there are impressive brand-new properties making this one of the most prestigious areas to buy a property. The views of the bay are a constant pleasure from this hillside location.

The number of properties available in the area is limited because there are few plots. The luxury villas, most of which are of recent construction, are in a unique location and thus architecture and design produce incredible houses that create a perfect fusion with the equally incredible Mediterranean environment.

The close proximity to Puerto Pollensa and Puerto Alcudia provides residents and visitors to Bonaire with the opportunity to go on pleasant walks, contemplate incredibly beautiful sunsets and enjoy leisure time in luxury establishments. 


The Llevant de Mallorca, in the East, goes all along the northeast of the island. Here there are hidden away coves that are difficult to access, beautiful harbours and a growing community of high-class residents.

In locations such as Porto Cristo there are exclusive villas with direct sea views. Through huge windows, the residents in the area can delight in unequalled scenery from properties worth over 3 million euros.  The exclusive area and impressive designs make these the perfect properties for homes or second residences.

Residents from overseas are on the increase in this idyllic luxury area. Proof of this is the success achieved by the International Education Centre Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor.


The south of Mallorca is emblematic in the Mediterranean on account of its beaches and turquoise blue waters such as Es Trenc and Ses Covetes.

Coastal towns for holidaymakers are dotted along this exclusive area of harbours with many villas and luxury country houses. Sea views represent a fantastic added value since the colour of the water in this part of the island is vibrant and mesmerizing. There are some impressive villas in towns such as Santanyi. 


The west coast of Mallorca stretches from Palma to Puerto Andratx and comprises the most desirable area on the island. Overwhelmingly huge mansions are being built in areas such as Sol de Mallorca, Cala Vinyes, Nova Santa Ponsa, Bendinat and Puerto Andratx.

The districts of Calvià and Andratx combine to form the supreme example of the luxury property market in the southwest of the island.  Puerto Andratx is the most sought-after location for overseas moguls who adore the villas in the mountains which reach right down to the sea.

Life in the summer season in Puerto Andratx is very lively on account of the number of elegant restaurants on the harbour boulevard. There is a magnificent gastronomical offer in the charming restaurants, well known beach clubs and beach bars.


The benefits of living in a seafacing property

To have the imposing Mediterranean Sea practically in your house is a delight for the senses.  You can´t put a price on the aroma of salt in the air, seeing the many shades of blue every day and a soft sea breeze blowing through your hair.

Having a property with all these attributes benefits the owners in many ways.

Build up your physical and emotional health

The sensations we receive from the sea improves our psychological health to a great extent. The sea makes us feel positive and fills us with an incomparable sense of calm. 

Furthermore, enjoying the mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate helps against rheumatism and respiratory problems because of the salt water

Healthy lifestyle

You feel you just have to lead a healthy life. Living next to the sea is ideal for activities such as swimming, walking or relaxing in your garden. Whether you dip your toes in the pool or read on a sun lounger, being outside is a positive factor of your lifestyle.

Value of the property

Out of all the most incredible luxuries you can have in life, to be able to get up and have views of one of the most beautiful places on the planet, is one of the most sought after. Furthermore, if these views are in Mallorca, it is even more desirable.

If you buy a property with sea views, you will be acquiring one of the best loved and sought-after attributes on the part of anybody interested in owning a luxury villa. Therefore, houses with sea views are a safe investment with a guaranteed return since it is getting increasingly more difficult to find plots so to live right next to the sea is an eternal dream only possible for the high classes.


Pollentia Properties offers you properties with impressive sea views in your favourite part of the coast of Mallorca

Pollentia Properties, your friendly estate agency in Mallorca, can offer you a selection of spectacular villas and properties with sea views. We can search for your ideal location all around the coast of Mallorca so that you can delight in its outstanding scenery.

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