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A certificate of occupancy, an essential document necessary for selling or renting a property
January 09, 2023

A certificate of occupancy, an essential document necessary for selling or renting a property

When it comes to selling or renting a property in Mallorca, there are certain essential procedures prior to putting it on the market.  One of the most important ones is to obtain a certificate of occupancy, a document provided by the Consell de Mallorca which certifies that the property is in an adequate condition.

This document, necessary for renting or selling commercial premises, buildings, or houses, must be granted by the Consell de Mallorca. This authority which forms part of the Government of the Balearic Islands is responsible for guaranteeing that your property is adequate for occupancy. i.e., it complies with the minimum conditions of hygiene, dimensions, and basic installations to carry out its function. A certificate of occupancy is also for obtaining basic services such as water, public drainage system, gas, electricity and even to install a telephone land line. 

Because Pollentia Properties is committed to helping our clients during the different stages of the process involved in buying or selling properties, we are going to go into more detail about this document needed for this purpose.


 What is a Certificate of Occupancy and what is it for? 

The Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the government of each autonomous region.  Even though it is a Spanish Government mandatory and legal requirement for renting or buying a property, each Autonomous Region is responsible for processing this document.

This certificate is also necessary for properties with a Rental License for tourists.

The Consell de Mallorca is responsible for receiving, evaluating, and approving or turning down applications.  To obtain this certificate, you have to take into account that it has to be renewed every 10 years and this could involve another evaluation of the general condition of the property.  Each Autonomous Region establishes the conditions necessary for a property to be granted a certificate.

Types of Certificates of Occupancy

Although requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy vary in each Autonomous Region, there are three types of certificates depending on the time of occupancy and when the property was built.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy for brand new properties.  This is issued for new builds or when more than 60% of the layout has been renovated.
  2. Certificate of Occupancy for renovations. For properties with first occupancy document expired and where renewal is necessary.
  3. Certificate of Occupancy with qualifying period. Must be applied for if the property was built before 1987.

To obtain the certificate, you need expert assistance to fill in the forms correctly ant to be conversant with the procedure.


Pollentia Properties will be with you during the entire process of selling your property in Mallorca

Pollentia Properties, Estate Agency with many years of experience, knows the ins and outs of the procedures and requirements needed to sell a property in Mallorca.  We will be at your side during the entire process, and we will help you navigate the property market in Mallorca with the objective of obtaining maximum profitability from your transactions.

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