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The historic centre of Palma, an emblematic location where you can see elegant properties and enjoy the vibrant city life
January 13, 2023

The historic centre of Palma, an emblematic location where you can see elegant properties and enjoy the vibrant city life

The historic centre of Palma is a true treasure that has become internationally well-known and popular in recent years.  Its charming little streets, imposing churches and small squares bursting with life have made the historic centre a desirable place to live.

The centre of Palma is comprised of intertwined narrow cobbled streets which form hidden nooks and crannies within the city and all lead to the Mediterranean Sea. An outstanding European city there to be discovered and observed in order to uncover its essence and mystery.

However, it is no secret that the historic centre of Palma is a hotspot for doing business. The capital city of the Balearics is right at the top of the list of places where businessmen and businesses come together. The business community is growing and becoming more exclusive so successful entrepreneurs and digital nomads with cutting-edge start-ups decide to buy a luxury property in Palma.

Finding a home in the heart of this magnificent city means finding a place in an outstanding environment both on account of the quality of life and all the opportunities on offer. Pollentia Properties, an estate agency with a great deal of experience in the luxury sector, has made a selection of apartments, lofts and split-level penthouses for you.


The best kept secrets in the city centre are the spectacular mansions, split level and attic apartments

Its main feature is the charm of its narrow streets and the buildings on them. These buildings constantly increase in value in this top-quality area and they have a style and personality all of their own.

Old buildings have been preserved and renovated without losing their unique appearance and have become properties with character. These homes are equally unique in their interior. Lush gardens with an endless range of colours, roof terraces where you can almost touch the sun with your fingertips, hidden pools, impossibly huge windows and a long etcetera, are hidden away behind the restored facades of beautiful buildings in the centre of Palma.

In Palma you can find a made to measure home, ranging from apartments with an exquisite and contemporary interior design to stately palaces.

Because the historic centre is made up of numerous small streets, if you decide to live in the centre of Palma you will be able to identify the exact location.

There are squares full of life dotted around Palma and they provide residents with a timeless environment where they can meet and chat together. The mild Mediterranean climate is ideal for outdoor activities all year round.

Alleyways that look like they are dead end are where you can find the most charming and interesting properties on the island. Even though the distance between opposite entrances is very small and the street is very narrow, inside these impressive buildings you can find authentic gems of spaciousness, such as Mallorcan courtyards around which several buildings are grouped. In this case, the attics are the best possible option.

Comprising one, or in special cases, several floors like a duplex, an attic dwelling in Palma is a true gem. They have stunning views of the bay and the city skyline.  They have elegant chill outs which can be decorated by the owner to ensure a relaxing atmosphere at the end of a long day. You can watch the sun set while sipping a glass of good wine or read in the shade accompanied by a soft breeze.

To live in the centre of Palma is truly delightful. Just a few steps from your home is the Parc de la Mar, a real paradise crowned by the Cathedral. Dozens of restaurants, an amazing range of cultural activities and enchanting little corners are a stone´s throw from your home. 


The best place to connect business to your personal life

If you think about it, it is only relatively recently that balancing work and personal needs has been revealed as fundamental to achieving total efficiency. There has been a considerable increase in Company Directors who recognize the importance of working from home in the modern world and have introduced measures in their companies to ensure that work progresses correctly and fluidly.

Doing business in Palma

Thus, more and more businessmen are becoming interested in working from home at least once or twice a week.  Either that, or they set up companies that are 100% digital. Having a property in the heart of a city like Palma has numerous advantages.  Its proximity to the central offices of the most profitable and innovative companies with the best locations and to the busy hustle and bustle of the streets make the historic centre the favourite place for company owners.

Spending the working week in your property in Palma will enable you to arrange business lunches in the most exclusive restaurants, enjoy a well-deserved cocktail on one of the fantastic rooftops of boutique hotels with clients you especially value or simply attend afterwork events to rub shoulders with your colleagues. Your work schedule will tie in perfectly with your needs and you won´t have to waste valuable time getting yourself to your various commitments.

At the end of a working day, Palma is the ideal city to enjoy your free time. Strolling or riding your bike through the centre, having dinner at romantic and exquisite restaurants or visiting the neighbouring seafront boulevard in Portitxol in the evening are all fantastic plans for you to do on a regular basis.


People who lead a healthy life will find the place where they have always wanted to live in the centre of Palma. There you can find wonderful wellness centres and spas, exclusive sports clubs with state-of-the-art apparatus and highly sought-after coaches or you can do water sports at the Royal Yacht Club of Palma.

Healthy eating, which is, together with sport, the basis of a happy life, will be greatly improved in Palma.  More and more vegan and vegetarian restaurants are being opened and they will be a constant surprise to even the most demanding “foodies” in addition to the many restaurants serving international cuisine. These establishments focus on the use of the best possible ingredients to guarantee the highest level of excellence.

If you are planning a special and magical event at home, you can buy the freshest possible products from the Olivar Market which sells the best fish, meat, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables all from local sources.  Eat à la Mediterranean diet every day if you live in Palma.


Pollentia Properties will find you a property to meet your requirements 

Pollentia Properties, estate agency for luxury properties, will be at your disposal to find you a property to meet your requirements, needs and preferences. We select the most exclusive properties on the market which are only available for private transactions.

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