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Pollentia Properties is opening its main office in Palma in the next six months
March 02, 2023

Pollentia Properties is opening its main office in Palma in the next six months

Pollentia Properties is preparing for its most important event up till now and which is opening our main office in Palma.  The official opening will be in the first six months of this year.

Because we aim to provide the most professional and complete service possible, and based on our value as a local estate agency in Mallorca, we have decided to move our main office to the centre of Palma.  This is undeniable proof that we are experiencing a period of growth.

The new Pollentia Properties main office which will be opening before the start of the summer, is located in Plaza Gomila, a place of great interest in the legendary neighbourhood of El Terreno.  This historic area, very close to the Seafront Boulevard, has recently undergone a renovation process and is destined to recover its former vitality and become one of Palma´s most attractive areas.


Gomila Project 

El Terreno, home and meeting place in Palma for important writers, musicians and artists, is a truly popular neighbourhood of Palma which is in the process of growth and development.  Residents and local businesses are returning to the area thanks to the Gomila Project, started by the Fluxá family, owners of the Camper shoes brand. 

Gomila was formerly home to well-known artists and writers. In fact, the  importance of its night life and specifically the clubs and bars that opened there attracted musicians of the stature of Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles.

When they decided to renovate Gomila, Camper wanted to develop the area while maintaining its intrinsic values and to make it into one of the most authentic parts of Palma.  The focus will be on residents, commercial premises and provision for offices for Mallorcan businesses.

To renovate the area, four buildings will be refurbished, and three new ones will be built.  The aim of this is to create a vibrant and colourful neighbourhood for the residents with companies and local businesses in keeping with the general tone.


Full of character

Each one of the seven buildings in the project has its individual identity.  This is possible thanks to the work done by the Architects Studios Gras and MVDR.

In this way, each one has a chromatic scale which represents its personality. Although they are all different, the common denominator among them is that they convey vitality and freshness by using bright colours, emphasized by the Mediterranean character of Palma.  Each one has a unique function, such as for use as offices or commercial premises, as well as homes.

The Gomila Centre building is the largest of the seven and consists of the renovation and refurbishment of an existing building.  All the buildings in the project have a system of energy efficiency and measures to implement passive climate control. 


Neighbourhood lifestyle

One of the main aims of this project is to restore Gomila to its former status as a cultural epicentre of Palma. El Terreno is home to businesses, bars, restaurants and residents.

Long running businesses, foreigners who have set up home here, local residents and new businesses that wish to be in on this momentous time, all live together in the neighbourhood.

The Brutus restaurant is on the edge of the Gomila neighbourhood and is a modern establishment based on an innovative concept, an eye-catching interior design and Mediterranean cuisine.  Modern premises like Brutus fit in perfectly with the traditional businesses that give the area its special character.  This applies to Meriendas Bestard, an establishment opened in 1961 and run by a local resident.

Renovation of El Terreno is causing interest and motivation among businessmen and companies who want to be present in the area.  To open a business in this great area is a sure fire guarantee for success in this glamorous neighbourhood in Palma.  El Terreno is once again a true jewel in the capital city.

Next to the square is the entrance to the Melia Victoria Hotel, a high class establishment that connects Gomila to the Seafront Boulevard. In fact, from the square it is easy to get to the most emblematic discos in  Mallorca. Tito´s Disco, now known as Lio Mallorca, is a symbol of nightlife, an extension of the legendary disco, Lio Ibiza, where spectacular cabaret shows have been held during recent decades.

The environment of authenticity to be found in El Terreno is incomparable with its views of the sea and the nearby Bellver park and tis lush greenery.


Pollentia Properties has in-depth knowledge of the property market in Palma, Calvià and Andratx

Pollentia Properties, a local estate agency in Mallorca, provides a personalized service for buyers and sellers on the island.  From our new office in Palma, we will cover areas of Palma, Calvià and Andratx.

The agency´s experience in Palma is already a itself.  Our specialist agents in the area have listed exclusive properties and closed important deals such as the sale of a villa in Son Vida.

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