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Reasons for buying a property in Palma

Reasons for buying a property in Palma

Palma is a window over the Mediterranean.  The city is an important European metropolis and is the capital of the Balearic islands.  It has millions of visitors every year and may of them would love to own a property in Palma.  Its cobbled streets, elegant former stately houses, city beaches and mild temperatures make it a true paradise.

The Balearics capital city stands out for its beauty and high quality of life.  Its essence is preserved in the warmth of its residents, its traditional festivities and the local cuisine. In recent years, moreover, businesses and professional activities carried out in Palma have become embedded in local culture.

The old town is of great architectural and historical importance and gives the city a special personality.  In the centre of Palma there are many cobbled intertwining streets, steps that lead to hidden corners, tree-lined squares with many outdoor cafés and exquisite old-fashioned businesses from another age. However, the city is large and of a diverse nature.  The different and ever-changing areas of the capital are immersed in a process of renovation and splendour.

Complex, fascinating and spellbinding.  This is the only way to describe Palma, a city that originally dates from 123 BC when the Romans founded a fortified settlement in the neighbourhood of the Almudaina.  A door from the old walls still remains in place, specifically in the Almudaina Street.


Get to know the city

Even though it is relatively small, Palma can be considered an international meeting point. With its approximately 400.000 inhabitants, Palma has a cosmopolitan air to it.

A favourite with many visitors from overseas, Palma is a window overlooking Mallorca. Its mild temperatures, natural environment and connections to different Spanish and European cities are the reason why there are more and more citizens from overseas who would like to settle and buy a property in Palma.  The Son Sant Joan airport, just a few minutes from the centre, is one of largest and busiest in the European Union.  Every year there are more direct flights from Mallorca to important cities in the world. From Palma international airport you can fly  directly to many different countries without having to change planes in Madrid or Barcelona.  The infrastructure in Palma airport allows residents from overseas to travel to practically anywhere they want both in Europe and the rest of the world.

To start to get in-depth knowledge of the capital of the Balearic Islands, Pollentia Properties, from its office in Palma, can introduce you to the wonders to be found here.


The historic centre of Palma

The most emblematic part of the city contains some incredible treasures in a relatively small area. The old or historic centre of Palma is made up of narrow and winding cobbled streets just a few metres long which converge on hidden corners and lead to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea which surrounds the bay with its turquoise blue waters and perpetual sparkle.

The architectural outline is comprised by beautifully preserved old buildings and stunning new ones which are perfectly adapted to the existing important historical buildings.

La Seu

Mallorca Cathedral dates from the 13th century and was finally finished in the 1630s.  It is in Mediterranean gothic style although over time some contemporary elements have been added.

La Seu, a beautiful cathedral overlooking the sea, is a symbol of Palma.  The cathedral is the best-known architectural jewel in the capital city.

In the 20th century, the architect Antonio Gaudí adapted the interior space to comply with the new conditions established by the religious authorities of the time.  The legacy of Gaudí, the famous Catalan architect and artist, is visible in the impressive cathedral which captivates everybody who goes past it.

One of the best-known features is its enormous windows. The festival of light is projected from the famous rosette and produces a unique luminous effect on November 11th and February 2nd of each year at exactly 8.15. At that time, the sun moves across the largest window and reflects the colour of the 1.115 pieces of glass it is made up of.  Without any doubt, this is really worth seeing. 

Almudaina Palace

The Royal Almudaina Palace, together with the Cathedral makes up the Palma skyline facing the sea. The building, which dates from the 14th century, is the official residence of the King and Queen when they are in Mallorca, so many events are held there during the summer months and which bring together the authorities and people from the island with the Spanish monarchy.

The interior of this palace is truly amazing with different areas set up and decorated to accommodate royalty.  In one of the areas open to the public you can see some portraits of monarchs from Mallorca.


Palm City Walls

The wall which goes round the city centre also goes round the oldest neighbourhoods of Palma. It still has its original structure from when it served as a fortress to defend the city-

Nowadays, it is part of a walking route that goes from s ´Hort des Rei to the end of the Parc de la Mar. This walk from start to finish enables you to see and enjoy the incredible sea views over the bay and to discover hidden corners of the historic centre.

Local markets

Markets are an important part of life in the city.  They are suppliers to both restaurants and ordinary people. They have stalls selling food and high quality products.

Shopping in the Olivar Market is an experience for all the senses.  From aromas of fruit and fresh vegetables to recently caught fish, this is the best place to buy seasonal and high quality products.

Buying and consuming this type of product is a good way to follow a healthy and balanced diet.  In addition, they taste better than anything else you can buy.

The Olivar Bistro restaurant is in the market itself and in these small premises products are the star feature. The menu focuses on seasonal produce and offers typical Spanish cuisine with local products.

Both the Pere Garau market, which according to local people is the most authentic for its location and variety of stalls, and the Santa Catalina market, situated in a vibrant neighbourhood and suppliers to local restaurants, are o special importance.


Residential areas

On the outskirts of Palma there are many neighbourhoods designed especially for families. Exclusive residential areas, away from the city centre, offer different features for owners and residents.

Son Vida

It is not merely by chance that Son Vida is the most exclusive and desirable area in Mallorca.  This development is well known worldwide on account of the great number of celebrities and famous people who have bought properties there.

The impressive designer villas with sea views are the star feature of the development. The most luxurious properties on the island are built in this natural environment and they constitute a historical key factor of the luxury property market.

The location of this development has been considered an important enclave for investors which has made it into an exclusive residential centre.  In fact, Son Vida is located in a former residence/ mansion belonging to a well known family from Mallorca in the 13th century and has changed hands and commercial structure since then.  In the 20th century, Son Vida experienced its most important change when a castle style property was built and which is now the Hotel Castle Son Vida. In the 50s two businessmen from Mallorca bought the land together with an American former pilot.  The refurbishment of the hotel encouraged celebrities of the time to visit Mallorca. Famous people such as Grace Kelly arrived on the island and began to promote it as an exclusive destination in paradise.

Constructions in Son Vida are built to conform to the contours of the hills, which allow for practically all the properties to have unobstructed sea views. This is where you can live the exclusive Mediterranean lifestyle. The landscape itself guarantees the residents ´ privacy because the hills and slopes protect the properties from intruders. Moreover, the complex has 24-hour security service 365 days a year. These measures make this a safe haven for celebrities and tycoons in Mallorca.

There are several golf courses close by, Son Muntaner, Son Quint and Son Vida Golf.  They make up the Arabella resort, an exclusive resort patronized by the most famous players in the world and golfers from all over the island.

Son Gual

This is a large residential area reached by a private road and which is getting known as an exclusive development in Mallorca.

Because of its intrinsic features, such as the legendary Golf Son Gual and the large plots it is made up of, many potential buyers and investors have set their sights on this area.  Properties being built there reflect the concept of luxury real estate with designer projects by the most prestigious architects’ studios in Mallorca.

Property development are on the increase and offers the opportunity to invest in a property with high quality finishes and a contemporary design.  Son Gual is becoming a trendy area.

Its considerable size, together with its wonderful location far from the bustle of the city and its incredible villas have made it into a key place to live.  In addition, it has easy access to the Palma.-Manacor motorway and the road that connects Palma to the rest of the island.


Even though the development in Puntiró belongs to the municipality of Marratxi, it is just a short distance from Palma.  This area is exclusively for residences and has a great deal of potential.

The area has been transfigured by replacing existing properties with high quality designer homes. However, the best thing about this area is the size of the plots. In Puntiró, plots have a minimum of 7.00sqms which guarantees unbeatable privacy and a lot of outdoor space.

This top class development is just a few minutes from Palma and is a key factor of the current property market on the island.  On account of the size of the properties there, the area is ideal for families with children and pets because the open countryside allows for interacting with the environment and enjoying fresh air. Huge gardens with pools, barbecues and playgrounds all fit in easily with the endless natural landscape.

These houses, moreover, are perfect for installing solar panels. Due to the long hours of sunshine in Mallorca throughout the year, and the available outdoor space, it is possible to generate sustainable and self-sufficient energy.


The neighbourhood of Portitxol-Molinar still reflects the essence of a small fishing village. This idyllic part of Palma preserves the charm of a bygone age just a few minutes from the centre of Palma and is considered one of the best loved areas by people from Mallorca.

Its kilometres long Seafront Boulevard bordering the sea is full of small bars and restaurants patronized by local residents on sunny days.  To stroll along the Palma coast and enjoy a day off is a must for the inhabitants of the island.

The brightly coloured frontline houses are emblematic of this area and are in their original style. The area has changed significantly in recent times and has become one of the trendy neighbourhoods of Palma. 

In addition to the frontline houses, there are elegant apartments and properties with huge windows in Portitxol-Molinar.

The neighbourhood has a large international community of residents who have come looking for a Mediterranean environment. The numerous green areas such as parks and the beaches attract people who want to invest in Mallorca.

The neighbourhood is comprised of an international community of residents from overseas who want to settle in a  family and Mediterranean orientated environment and is becoming very trendy.  The many green areas such as parks and the beaches close by have made this area a perfect place for family life. Children and pets will be more than welcome in this special environment which is an invitation to enjoy safe and pleasant walks.


Cultural and leisure activities

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Palma is ideal for getting to know its culture. Concerts, festivals, plays and really special hidden corners to enjoy them in. The capital city is also home to festivities, fairs, competitions, and local traditions that liven up the streets all year round.


Cultural activities in Palma


The emblematic Teatro Principal de Palma offers a classic programme which includes plays, dance shows and traditional performances and from time to time concerts.  The actual theatre was opened in 1667 and was known as the Casa de las Comedias at that time and had space for 800 spectators.  It is still the same today although at the beginning of the 21st century there was a renovation project to adapt the structure to modern times and incorporate the latest technology.

The Palma Auditorium is highly valued for its fantastic location on the Seafront Boulevard and the musicals staged there. The Trui Teatre, situated in the neighbourhood of Son Rapinya stages comedy shows such as monologues, some musicals and plays for children. 

The Teatre de Barra, a fundamental element of the Palma theatre scene, represents short plays by local playwrights which are performed in different bars.  This is a way of stimulating theatre production on the islands and gives playwrights and actors the opportunity to perform to local audiences and for bars to use their premises for this initiative.


Concert halls and large outdoor venues stage performances by internationally renowned artists every year.  More and more musicians are becoming interested in performing in Mallorca. Every summer at the Son Fusteret venue there are incredible shows and it also holds the Feria del Ram to the delight of the lovers of traditional fairground rides.

The Mallorca Live Festival has become well known in record time.  Long awaited concerts are held over just a few days and offer endless music for the enjoyment of spectators.

Events and literary presentations

Sant Jordi, a traditional literary event, is held in Palma.  This festivity, which coincides with International Book Day, fills up the streets with book stalls and roses, the two symbols of Sant Jordi.  This is a fantastic occasion for local authors to show their books and sign them personally.

Even though this particular time in April you can see all the new books on the market,  there are book presentations and literary conferences all year round in Palma.  Bookstores such as Biblioteca de Babel or Ratacorner organize events throughout the year.

There are poetry recitals, book presentations, book clubs or study groups all focused on literature.


Museums and art galleries are established and developing in Palma. 

One of the best known museums on the island is the Museu d ´Art Contemporani Es Baluard from where there are impressive views over the bay and the historic skyline of Palma.  From time-to-time exhibitions are held in the modern interior which is worth a visit in itself.  In the Caixaforum, located in the emblematic Plaza Weyler, there are cultural conferences, workshops and art and photographic exhibitions. The Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró is the legacy left by the artist for citizens to contemplate the art of Joan Miró and to study his creative process in the place where he worked and lived for almost 30 years.

Among the most important art galleries in Palma is the legendary Galería Pelaires, founded in 1969, Gallery Red, specializing in trends and lifestyle or, for example, Galería Gerhardt Braun, which exhibits works by internationally known artists. They all come together each year, with other galleries, at the Nit d l ´Art, an unmissable event for lovers of art, artists and gallery owners to enjoy art in incomparable Palma.  At this event, the historic centre of Palma is full of people visiting the museum and gallery exhibitions.

Film locations

Important film and television productions have been filmed on location in Palma. Hundreds of audio-visual productions have used the island as a location for shooting. Shows such as “The Crown” or videoclips such as “Despechà” by Rosalía have been filmed in Palma.

In addition to being a fantastic place for filming which attracts the attention of many overseas producers on account of its multiple locations, the world of cinema is present in other scenarios in Palma.  The Atlántida Film Fest is held here and is becoming a nationally recognized event.  According to the Observatorio de Cultura, this festival held in Mallorca in in the top 5  best cinema festivals in Spain.

Every summer in the Parc de la Mar the Cine a la Fresca takes place and its aim is to unite the cinema with city life by showing films on huge outdoor screens.  There have recently been similar events in other neighbourhoods in Palma, encouraging residents to enjoy an evening outdoors.



Leisure and popular festivities

There are numerous festivities and leisure activities in Palma.  Cultural traditions, such as shows and just going out in the evening is really special for residents and visitors to Mallorca alike.


Leisure in Palma

Numerous bars and pubs make Palma a cosmopolitan city where going out means having a great time.  The Santa Catalina neighbourhood currently has a large number of establishments focusing on night life.

There are many different restaurants in this centrally located neighbourhood with an attractive mixture of styles and cultures.  There is always a lot of atmosphere here and establishments are either laid back or chic and full of life. In Santa Catalina you can have brunch in a cafeteria or try food from many different countries in one of the restaurants. They are open every day although on Saturdays the atmosphere is even more vibrant. This area is particularly well known for its afternoon/evening activities, attended by lots of people who listen to music and have a lot of fun.

The Paseo Marítimo (Seafront Boulevard) in Palma is the nerve centre for discos in Mallorca.  There are several kilometres of different types of night clubs in this area.  The emblematic cabaret club Lio will be opening in what was formerly Tito´s disco.  The Mallorca establishment will replicate shows formerly seen in Ibiza with a top-quality dinner by the Mallorca chef Andreu Genestra.

If you prefer a more relaxed side of Palma nightlife, in La Lonja there are bars with live music and a laidback atmosphere where you can have a drink with friends.


Popular festivals

There are popular festivals throughout the year with regional fiestas in Palma.  These are the main events held in the streets of the capital city.

  • Sant Sebastià: The most important festivity in Palma is held on January 20th.  Activities in honour of the Patron Saint, Sant Sebastià, are held during most of January and finish on the night of January 19th.  The Revetlla de Sant Sebstiá street party is attended by thousand of people who come to see the “foguerons” (bonfires) and “correfocs” (fire runners), a tradition which consists of a show based on fire and Mallorca demons. People barbecue typical local food on the bonfires and there is lots of music with outdoor concerts in the main squares of Palma.  
  • Sant Jordi: this coincides with the International Book Day on April 23rd. According to the popular legend, Sant Jordi was a knight who saved a princess from a terrible dragon from which a rose tree emerged from its slaying and a rode was given to the princess by the knight. Nowadays there is a tradition of giving a rose and a book as a present on this special day.  Book lovers, authors and bookshops set up stalls on the streets in the springtime weather. Every April 23rd, squares, and streets in the centre of Palma are tinged with red to celebrate Sant Jordi and passion for reading.
  • Eve of Sant Joan :  Some people consider this as the most magical night of the year.  The Eve of Sant Joan is on June 23rd and midsummer is celebrated with a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Following the tradition, bonfires are lit as a symbol of rebirth and new life cycles and finishes with a purifying swim in the sea. This festival is celebrated in many parts of the Mediterranean and in Palma it constitutes the first street party of the summer. 
  • Canamunt y Canavall: an epic water battle between residents in Palma staged just for fun.  Two noble sides (Canamunt dressed in red and Canavall, in yellow) are on opposing sides in the streets of Palma and are armed with water pistols.  This takes place at the end of the summer when it is still hot and is attended by hundreds of young people who commemorate the battle which took place in the 16th century.


Christmas in Palma

The holiday period in Palma begins with switching on the Christmas lights.  This ceremony, attended by thousands of people, usually takes place at the end of November. Palma is lit up to bring magic to the centre of the city although every neighbourhood puts up traditional decorations.  During this time there are street markets and  stalls where you can acquire traditional products such as roast chestnuts.  Arts and crafts stalls are located in key places such as La Rambla and the Plaza España but the most famous ones are in the Pueblo Español where you can buy presents, have something to eat and enjoy the party atmosphere.


Sports and activities

The fantastic Mediterranean climate with tis mild winters and some 300 days of sunshine every year are ideal for sporting activities.  Being outdoors in geared to sunlight is highly valued by residents and by people who wish to buy a property in Palma.

Sports both as an activity in themselves and for a healthy lifestyle form part of the Mediterranean way of life that Palma exudes.



Players and lovers of this elite sport have installations at their fingertips in Palma. Learning to play is made easier by the good weather in Mallorca which allows play on an almost daily basis.

In fact, the DP World tour has been held during the last few years with the Mallorca Open Golf Championship, a yearly event for professional players from all over the world in an unbeatable location.

This sport has an ever-growing presence in Mallorca and proof is the exclusive courses available in the area, One example is Arabella Golf, the most exclusive golf resort in the Balearic Islands.  It is located in Son Vida, and is where the Mallorca Golf Open is held with its three courses: Son Vida, Son Muntaner and Son Quint.

However, and although Arabella comprises three modern courses of international renown, there is another emblematic course just a few minutes from the centre of Palma. The Golf Son Gual is a legendary location for golf in Mallorca and is visited by thousands of players every year who wish to try out its greens.


Mallorca is the birthplace of some of the most famous tennis players in history. Such is the case of Rafa Nadal, the best in his sport in the history of Spain and Carlos Moyà, born in Palma.

Tennis as a sport is a tradition that has left its mark on Palma.  The Tennis Club, very close to the Paseo Marítimo in Palma, is one of the most exclusive sports centres on the island. In addition to organizing tournaments, there are also social events making it an important place for establishing social contacts and relationships.

The Rafa Nadal Academy although it is one hour from the centre of Palma, is an important international educational institution where students can also learn sports.


It is no secret that there are numerous marinas in the city of Palma. In the Palma Yacht Club (CNP) there are sailing courses and important events.

This is the case of the King´s Sailing Trophy which, as its name indicates, is sponsored by the Royal family.  It is one of the most important regattas on an international level and has been held in the Bay of Palma since 1982 and attracts both the best Spanish competitors and others from all over the world. King Felipe is personally involved in this competition, having taken part on more than one occasion.

In addition, the Palma International Boat Show is held in the Moll Vell in the harbour and is the first event of the season for yachts. The best boat builders and yacht vendors take part in this show plus a large number of companies from Mallorca involved in the sector.


The Visit Mallorca Estadi is perfect for lovers of football both for watching the RCD Mallorca team in action against other First Division teams and for watching the most important matches in the Champions League on huge screens. Everything is possible in Palma.

Wellness and outdoor activities 

Awareness of health and well being has increased considerably over the last few years.  For this reason, personal wellbeing is a priority which is reflected in the large number of people who  do sports in their free time, both outdoors and in specialized sports centres.

Jogging, skating or cycling are all ideal both for enjoying the good weather and keeping fit at the same time. In this case, the Bay of Palma is the place to adopt the healthiest Mediterranean way of life together with adequate nutrition based on top quality products.


Water sports

Even though the calm Mediterranean Sea is not know for high waves and the tide comes slowly in and out of the shores, water sports are an interesting option to explore.

The temperature of the water, relatively warm all year round, and never really cold, is ideal for swimming in the winter months. Even though a rubber suit is necessary sometimes, swimming is a very refreshing activity which you can do at all times during the year.

It is usual to see people enjoying nature in the off season period on beaches close to Palma such as Can Pastilla. In fact, a large number of residents from overseas who live on the island take advantage of these months to go swimming because the water is much warmer in summer and there are lots of  people on the beaches.

Even though the lack of large waves does not attract surfers to Mallorca, you can learn to surf in sports centres specializing in water sports. However, the usual activities in these centres are kayaking and paddlesurf.

Kayaking, which can be individual or for two people, is a fantastic way to travel several kilometres in one go and to visit different beaches and coves. This sport, in Mallorca´s natural environment, full of hidden corners and an endless coastline, is one of the most satisfying activities for lovers of water sports.

Furthermore, you practise paddlesurf or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) on a static board to learn balance and then to sail across the surface of a calm sea. By moving the paddles it is possible to sail at a moderate speed.


Beaches near Palma

Near Palma there are several beaches worth a visit.  Not far from the city centre you can see crystal clear water which gently laps at the shoreline of Palma. Even though Palma offers much more than just sun and beach tourism, this aspect is essential and makes it an especially beautiful place.

Because this is an island, the sea is an ever-present geographical feature and long sandy beaches and small rocky coves are a characteristic. The picture postcard beauty of the island reflect the intense blue of the sea and the spectacular cliff formations.


Can Pere Antoni

This is the sandy beach closest to the centre of Palma.  It is opposite the Palau de Congressos, a huge venue built for congresses, symposiums and events and a hotel at the same time.  Everything together is known as the large Meliá Palma Bay complex.

Hundreds of people use the cycle lane every day on bikes, scooters, jogging or even on foot. Can Pere Antoni, a city beach, looks especially attractive in the winter and spring months when there are fewer tourists and the water is crystal clear.

Close to there you can see the Cathedral of Mallorca which is within walking distance and the area of bars and restaurants in El Portitxol and two beach clubs where you can chill out for a while.

Ses Palmeres (El Portitxol)

A small beach at street level in the vibrant area of El Portitxol, Surrounded by bars and restaurants, this natural beach has a boulevard with benches and a path for pedestrians.

There are different sections for walking because Ses Palmeres goes as far as Ciudad Jardín.  It is divided into small areas of sand and sea along the way.

Nature Reserve Es Camatge

Es Carnatge beach has been declared a Nature Reserve due to its positive environmental impact Surrounded by dunes, it is the beach in Palma that has the most crystal clear water. It is located between Can Pastilla and Coll den Rabassa and is the last non built up area on the coast of Palma, except for the National Park of Cabrera.

It has been declared of special interest on account of the large amount of ocean Posidonia to be found in the area. This is an aquatic plant which grows in sea plantations and improves the quality of the water.  This national treasure is protected in the Balearic Islands because it regulates the temperature of the water and maintains the natural environment. It is key to maintaining the ecosystem on account of its production of oxygen and protection of species of animals.

In the natural environment of Es Carnatge is the special beach for dogs. They can be taken there during the whole day, unlike the majority of beaches where dogs are prohibited during the tourist season. For this reason, this small beach is a family orientated space to rejoice in nature and allow pets to swim in the sea.

Can Pastilla

Belonging to the area of Playa de Palma, Can Pastilla is an oasis of peace directly next to the sea. The large beach where there are numerous centres for water sports, is a place for young people and families to enjoy outdoor activities.

Towards the end of the winter and the beginning of spring you can see groups of young people playing beach volleyball. There are usually several matches in progress at the same time and there are nets set up along the beach for this purpose.


The longest beach in the Bay of Palma is Arenal.  This huge beach is between the municipalities of Palma and Llucmajor and has a long stretch of sand divided into small areas.

Even though this area is well known as being where German tourists go for beach and partying, it has been possible to restore it and improve the environment.

Cala Mayor

Towards the east of Palma, about 15 minutes by car from the centre, is the closest cove to the city.  Cala Mayor is a pretty and sandy cove just a few metres from Joan Miró Avenue.

In this legendary area of Palma is the Palace of Marivent, the summer residence of the royal family in Mallorca.  The palace, as well as being an important addition to the city as a whole, is an architectural and visual gem.  Since 2017 the gardens of Marivent have been open to the public to visit, except for when the royal family are on holiday there which is between July and September. It is worthwhile to mention that, although the visit is relatively short, the gardens are very well maintained and there are 12 sculptures in bronze by the artist Joan Miró.


Although Illetas forms part of the municipality of Calvià, this beautiful beach is just five minutes from Cala Mayor.  The cliff formation of the coast is one of the wonders of nature.  Its fine, silver sand merges into the turquoise blue sea to make it one of the most enchanting beaches near Palma.

Close to the area for swimming are some of the best known beach clubs on the island, such as the Puro Beach and Balneario Illetas.  This type of establishment makes a day on the beach an entirely new experience with an invitation to relax, try the Mediterranean cuisine, have an incredible cocktail and listen to live music.


The best city in the world to live in

The capital of Mallorca is famous all over the world.  Even though  its charms have always attracted visitors from every corner of the world, the growth of its population and economy have made it one of the most sought after cities in the world to love in.

Buying a property in Palma is both a good investment and a way to spend every day of the year in this Mediterranean paradise.

In fact, in 2015, it was chosen as the best city to live in by the British newspaper The Times.  This emphasizes its innumerable wonderful features and underlines its reputation as a top European city.

Its enchanting historic centre, the possibility of being able to walk to the beach and the exceptional climate are why thousands of people want to buy a property in Palma.  It is pure elegance, and you will find incredible properties of many different styles in its streets.


Palma has an average of 300 days of sunshine annually with mild temperatures in the months of winter and hot weather during the summer.

January and February is usually the coldest time but less so beside the sea and although there is dampness in the atmosphere, the temperature is tolerable. Spring and autumn mark the difference and are generally sunny. Summer is an exceptional period and is wonderful for going to the beach, sunbathing and enjoying outdoor life, even though the temperature is very high at that time.


The Mediterranean diet is very nutritious and is the basis for a healthy life. In Mallorca agricultural and cattle rearing activities are carried out in an ecological and sustainable way.

Acquiring locally grown products is a guarantee of high quality.  Because these products do not have to be transported long distances, they reach the consumer in the freshest possible condition with no need for adding preserving agents which alter the flavour and nutritious values.

In addition to the availability of locally produced foodstuff, you can try typical dishes in authentic and traditional establishments in Palma. The “llonguets”  are typical of the capital city and consist of an oval shaped bread roll, individually sized, with a filling. The insides are rubbed over with tomato and the bread is normally toasted. The filling is usually “sobrasada”, ham, cheese or any other cold meat. The Bar Bosch, an emblematic bar in Palma, specializes in these rolls. In fact, people from other areas of Mallorca call their Palma counterparts “llonguets” because it is so common to see this type of snack in Palma.

You can get “variats” in many bars and this is a traditional Mallorca “tapa” which consists of a variety of small portions al together on one plate.  This could be cuttlefish, meatballs, potato salad, croquettes….each establishment has its own speciaities.

For people with a sweet tooth, the star product is the ensaimada. This sweet puff pastry product is one of the best known symbols of Mallorca which everybody loves. In Palma there are pastry shops and bakeries that have perfected the production of ensaimadas over the years using traditional methods.You can even watch master pastry bakers making the ensaimada in such places as in the Fornet de la Soca (formerly known as the Forn des Teatre), a traditional Mallorca bakery.



Cosmopolitan community

The international community of residents in Palma is a strong motivation for moving here on a permanent basis.  Palma is home to people from many  different cutures.

The growth in people coming from other countries has made Mallorca a cosmopolitan city.  It isn´t surprising to meet residents from overseas who speak fluent Spanish and Mallorquin, the local dialect of Catalan. This makes integration a very normal procedure since residents of Mallorca are used to foreigners from an early age. The incorporation of other cultures into the original and local one has changed the inherent character traits of the local people making them more open minded than they formerly were.

In fact, in Palma there are restaurants which specialize in many different types of cuisine from all over the world. In the trendy neighbourhood of Santa Catalina there are genuine Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc restaurants. A global culture in the form of establishments that serve authentic dishes which are an invitation to discover other cultures through taste and flavour.

In the field of education, there are several international schools in Palma, such as the Bellver International School or Queens College where the British education syllabus is taught.

Life and Investment in Palma

The high demand for properties in Palma is due to the fantastic lifestyle in this city and to the possibilities of making a good investment in property. If you invest an important amount of money on a property in Spain, you can join the Golden Visa programme. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to obtain a resident permit in Spain for British citizens and non-E.U. residents.

You will greatly benefit by transferring your main residence or holiday home to the capital city and also by investing in a property that has a tourist rental license, a highly coveted permit on account of the great number of tourists who come to Palma every year to explore the island and who prefer to stay in places that are different from hotels that attract mass tourism.


Pollentia Properties has a wide range of properties on sale in Palma at your disposal

Palma is an open window to the Mediterranean. Visitors take away with them the smell of salt water, the heat of the sunshine on their skin and the certainty of wanting to return. This city stands out not only for its visual beauty but also for its enchanting character. The narrow streets, the cuisine, the people and the breath-taking scenery give it an incomparable charm.

There are many reasons why more and more people are coming from all over the world to live and buy a property in Palma. Therefore, Pollentia Properties can help you to investigate every aspect of our city and the possibilities it offers for you to live here.

In every district we will find an exclusive and unique property which will match your requirements for buying a property in Palma.  From Portitixol-Molinar, from Son Vida and Son Gual to the historic centre of Palma we can offer you a carefully chosen selection of properties which will meet your needs and preferences.

We have exclusive homes on our books, and in depth knowledge of the island and the chrematistics of each area which enables us to offer a professional and personalized service.

Our office in Palma can give you advice at any time concerning buying or selling a property in Mallorca. We are a local estate agency. with many years of experience in the sector which means that we can offer the best opportunities both for buyers and sellers.

Our catalogue of properties covers the whole island. We can offer cosy apartments, impressive villas and mansions, large country estates and town houses in different locations in Mallorca which will surprise you with their peaceful, friendly and Mediterranean essence.

Get in touch with us to find a property in Mallorca which meets your expectations.