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Pollença celebrates its Patron Saint in honour of its tradition

Pollença celebrates its Patron Saint in honour of its tradition

In Pollença, the months of July and August are special and eagerly awaited. The festivities for its Patron Saint are of utmost importance for this town in the north of Mallorca.

The celebration of the festivities ends on a high note with the enactment of the battle that took place between the Moors and the Christians in the 16th century. People from all over the island come here on August 2nd to see the mock battle.

If you want to visit the town in the last week of July and join in the festive atmosphere, you can have a look at the programme of events here..


Pollença traditions

Traditional festivities reaffirm the identity of a town, preserve the historical and cultural heritage, and keep it alive thanks to the inhabitants of Pollença. As defined by the Town Council, the Patrona is “a tribute to the community, and the feeling shared by all its members”.

Every year, residents of Pollença elect the principal figures of the festivities.  The main ones in the enactment are Joan Mas, who challenged the Moors in 1550 and Dragut, the leader of the pirate invaders. Jaume Mercer has been elected this year for the role of Joan Mas and his rival in the battle will be Joan M. Seguí, together with Bartomeu Llompart and Guillem Mascaró.

During the days prior to the battle, there are other activities such as concerts, the Marcha Fresca white party or performances of local dances.  The town council place special emphasis on catering to all age groups when planning events.


This summer, come to the festivities in the north of Mallorca

In addition to the Patrona, the best festivities in Mallorca take place during  the summer. In the north, you can enjoy local fiestas such as Sant Jaume in Alcudia.

Pollentia Properties, your local estate agency in Mallorca, invites you to visit the town of Pollença, together with its festivities and traditions, because it could be your