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Luxury properties for sale in Mallorca

Why buy a luxury property in Mallorca?

There are many reasons why buying a property in Mallorca is so popular at the moment. Our mild climate which allows for the practice of outdoor activities all year round and the Mediterranean sun which produces a feeling of wellbeing and positivity is truly benef icial for a healthy life. Leave behind you the long dark winter days and come and enjoy our sunshine in your new home! Our fantastic local cuisine will delight you and a whole new range of culinary experiences will be opened up to you.

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Tailor made currency exchange services

While most people tend to focus on finding the right property at the right price, they often forget about the effect that the exchange rate can have on their purchase price. Exchange rates can have a big impact on the final price you pay. If you are making a large transfer for a property purchase, getting a favorable rate could save you thousands, enough to pay for your first holiday to your new home or even stretch your budget into a higher price bracket. Regardless of whether you're paying in cash or looking to take out a mortgage from a foreign bank, before you can purchase an overseas property you will need to transfer your GBP or USD into the local currency.

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How can we help you to buy a property in Mallorca?

We can help you to navigate local property laws through the best possible professionals in their field. As you are well aware, property laws vary from country to country so we can save you paperwork and headaches in the process.

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