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Things to do in Mallorca: The annual Wine Festival in Pollensa

Things to do in Mallorca: The annual Wine Festival in Pollensa






Pollensa Wine Festival is a very popular event where both visitors and local people can taste wines from the Balearic Islands. Only wines from our islands are represented in this Festival.

Many of the wines included in this event are award winning and the festival is a fantastic way to explore the wines from this region and at the same time, to buy a property in Mallorca through Pollentia Properties. You pay an entry fee which allows you to try any of the wines on display and, of course, to buy any that you particularly like. The event takes place in the Claustre de Santo Domingo in the centre of Pollensa and is run by the l’Associació Vi Primitiu de PollenÇa.


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Things to do in Mallorca: Wine Festival Pollensa

Pollensa wine festival

If you like a nice glass of good wine or you are planning to buy a property in Mallorca and you are interested in learning more about vineyards for sale in Mallorca, the Wine Festival is one event you just can´t miss if you are on holiday in Mallorca in the month of May.

The wine festival in Pollensa takes place every year in May in the Santo Domingo Cloisters in the historic town of Pollensa. It is the biggest wine related event on the island with numerous wine producers participating.


History and origin of the Pollensa wine festival

The association

The name of the association was the idea of the local poet and chronicler Miquel Bota Totxo who died some time ago. The name is indicative of the simple nature of the association and is synonymous with the simplicity of the vines emerging from the land and producing grapes. The idea behind the association is for local producers to share experiences but people who wish to learn more about the world of wine are also always welcome



On the first Wednesday of each month, the members of the Associació Vi Primitiu hold a meeting in Carrer Guillem Cifre de Colonya 5 in Pollensa and organize wine tasting sessions. There are also visits to vineyards, conferences and wine tasting under the direction of well known experts in the world of wine and wine tasting sessions organized by the members themselves. Beginning in 2004 the most famous project of the Associació Vi Primitiu is the organization of the annual Wine Festival in Pollensa.

There are currently over 325 members in the association.


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