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Avoid fines for not having your energy performance certificate when selling or renting your property in Mallorca

Avoid fines for not having your energy performance certificate when selling or renting your property in Mallorca

Many owners are unaware that they must have a Certificate of Energy Efficiency (CEE) in order to sell or rent their property. If you are thinking of selling or renting a property in Mallorca, Pollentia Properties, a local Estate Agency in Mallorca, offers you a personalized service to assist you in doing so. 


What is an energy performance certificate?

In 2013 the Royal Ordinance 235/2013 was firmly put in to place which meant that all existing buildings must have the energy performance certificate when they are going to be sold or leased. This document should incorporate all aspects relating to the consumption of energy by the building and allows a better understanding of the property by the possible buyer. The end goal of this regulation is to favour the sale of efficient buildings.

Said certificate explains the energy efficiency of a building or property and is carried out by calculating the energy consumption that the property needs across one year in normal working conditions and occupation. Rated A to G, from most efficient to least efficient. That is why, what we are telling you should sound familiar, as this rating system has come straight from the European Union and is also used for electrical appliances.


Who can carry out the certificate?

The certificate can only be carried out by an authorized technician who has obtained all of the necessary information. This professional can be selected by the property owner, Pollentia Properties, a local Estate Agency in Mallorca, offers you assistance for obtaining it so contact us. If you’re looking for a professional with a good reputation and experience in the sector, without a doubt, our network of contacts and partnered local architects, will take care of all of the administrative processes so that obtaining your CEP is as easy as possible. In relation to the tariffs, these depend on the size of the property, if you would like a no obligation estimate you just need to ask. When the time comes to selling your property in Mallorca trust in the professionals who have experience in the sector.



What happens if I don’t have the certificate?

Advertising or selling a property without being in possession of the CEE or if it has any irregularities will lead to disciplinary action and a fine. Fines range from 300€ for minor infringements to up to 6.000€ for major legal breaches. Pollentia Properties strongly recommends not advertising any property without the corresponding certificate.


When does the EPC expire?

One of the most important things and that many people don’t know about is the length of the EPC, which has a validity of a maximum of ten years, after this time you will need to carry out another certificate. In the instance that within this period of time building alterations are made that significantly affect the efficiency of the property, then another certificate should be obtained otherwise it could be considered an irregularity.


In what exceptions is it not necessary?

There are various exceptions in which it’s not necessary to present this document, however, we recommend that you speak to a professional to avoid any unwanted surprises. The exceptions are as follows:

  • The property is isolated and has less than 50m2 effective area
  • It is an industrial property which has no intention of becoming a residence
  • The purchase made will result in demolition or a complete rebuild
  • The rental contract is from before the 1st of June 2013. You can renew the contract with the same tenant, but if you do create a new contract it will be necessary.


Pollentia Properties, making the whole process a breeze

Now that you know what the Energy Certificate actually is and you are aware of the importance of having one don’t hesitate to contact Pollentia Properties and local architects, who will carry out the process as quickly as possible and to a very high standard. Contact your real estate agency in Pollensa now!