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July 29, 2019

Discover the benefits of buying a property for sale in Mallorca as a second residence

Over recent decades Mallorca has become one of the Mediterranean’s most sought-after locations. Its idyllic unspoilt beaches and wide range of leisure options make it one of Europe’s leading destinations for international buyers. At Pollentia Properties, your real estate agency in Mallorca, we will be explaining in detail the benefits of buying a property in Mallorca as a second residence.


Immerse yourself in local culture with your property in Mallorca

Mallorca is much more than a destination for sun, sea and sand. It is an island with hundreds of years of legendary history which has brought with it a rich and well-preserved culture. By owning a property for sale in Mallorca as a second residence you will have the unique opportunity of learning about the local customs and traditions of the town where your property is located. As you spend more and more time at your second residence in Mallorca you will start to become part of a culturally rich community, discovering the finer details of the area’s history, local celebrations and traditions.


Travelling to your property in Mallorca

Whether you are planning to use the residence as a weekend getaway or as a long term accommodation option, thanks to the large number of airline companies operating direct flights between Mallorca and other European destinations, you will always be able to easily reach the island and generally at a lower cost which translates into infinite possibilities to travel to your second residence.  



The interior decoration of your second residence in Mallorca

One of the advantages of buying a property for sale in Mallorca as a second residence is the infinite design options which you have. Due to your property being located in a different country to your normal residence you have access to a completely different range of interior decoration options and styles which you may not be available in your home country. You will be able to select hand crafted pieces and unique designs to fill your home and create your own oasis of tranquillity in Mallorca.


Renting your property in Mallorca

Owning a second residence in Mallorca is a solid and stable investment as it provides you with a reliable financial asset which in today’s global economic climate can be a positive element in a person’s financial profile. However, by owning a property whether it be abroad or in your home country you will know that there are always costs involved to keep a residence up and running and well maintained. If you are only planning to reside in the property during certain months or seasons, an interesting option to consider is to rent out the property through a reliable letting agency in Mallorca. Something which you may not know is that we have a sister company specialising in property rentals, Pollentia Rentals, who would be able to rent your property whilst empty and give you complete peace of mind. This option would not only provide you with additional income it would also mean that when you are in your home country you don’t have to worry about the security aspects of the property as Pollentia Rentals will be there to assist you with any difficult situation.


Contact our real estate agency to buy your second residence in Mallorca

After reading this blog article we hope that we have convinced you to enquire about buying a second residence in Mallorca. At our real estate agency in the north of Mallorca we have a highly experienced team of multilingual real estate experts who would be more than happy to help you with any query which you may have or to help you find the second residence of your dreams! Contact us now!

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