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Tips for moving your furniture to your new luxury property in Mallorca
January 23, 2020

Tips for moving your furniture to your new luxury property in Mallorca

One of the unavoidable parts of a move to Mallorca is the transporting of your goods. Due to it being an island it means that all furniture and personal belongings must be transported carefully and with precision to ensure that they are not damaged. Investing in a luxury property in Mallorca should be the most exciting experience of your life, which is why Pollentia Properties, real estate agency in Pollensa will be taking this opportunity to explain in detail some useful tips for when it comes to moving. Don’t miss a thing.


The importance of planning your move to your new luxury home in Mallorca

At Pollentia Properties, our real estate agency in Pollensa, we believe that the best strategy for executing a successful move is to be well prepared. Knowing which services to hire and identifying necessary elements will be a great advantage. The key to get started is to identify each category of furniture: big, small, heavy, light…each one has a different feature to keep in mind. Armchairs, glass and iron tables or certain beds are examples of these pieces. Once you have sorted all your furniture, you must select the pieces which will be useful in your new property and leave behind those which you won’t need. Don’t worry if you change your mind, you can always make a replacement. At this point, it’s vital to locate the best exit points in your previous home and the best entry points of your luxury property in Mallorca.


Should I disassemble my furniture in preparation for the move?

One of the options to have in mind when removing furniture from one property to then put in another, is if it needs to be dismantled. Certain pieces of furniture will be easy to take apart. Others, however, will be better kept as one piece. There are three things which must be kept in mind:

  • Some furniture is not designed to be dismantled. If they have layers of varnish or decorative elements susceptible to being distorted, it is better not to do so.
  • Even if it can be dismantled, you don’t always need to. It is not a bad idea to leave some pieces of furniture in their original state. You will save on unnecessary packing.
  • If you think it is convenient to dismantle furniture, look out the instruction leaflet that came with the purchase of the furniture. Once you arrive at your new home, you will be happy to have it to hand.


Hire a professional furniture moving company

Hiring a professional furniture moving company is essential during any move. Let’s be honest, doing it on our own only brings unwanted problems and risks. And even more so when making an international move. The removal experts have adequate packing materials, professionals trained in this field, security and insurance in the face of any problem and…a lot of experience in moving!


Contact our real estate agency in Pollensa and let us help you

Now that you know the basic tips to bear in mind when moving to your new luxury property in Mallorca, it will satisfy you to know that at Pollentia Properties we have an extensive catalogue of properties to match up with your needs and tastes. In addition, if you need guidance or a personalised service, don’t hesitate to contact our real estate agents. We will help you with everything you might need. Are you ready to make a successful move?

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