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Advice concerning transporting  furniture and personal objects to a property in Mallorca.

Advice concerning transporting furniture and personal objects to a property in Mallorca.

Moving furniture and possessions is going to be an essential part of this process. Because this is an island, it will be important to transport everything with the utmost care and precision to avoid damage and any breakages. Investing in a property in Mallorca will be an important experience in your life, so Pollentia Properties has some useful advice concerning moving to the island. 


Planning is of the utmost importance

At Pollentia Properties, a local Estate Agency in Mallorca, we consider that preparation is a key strategy for a perfect moving process.  It is necessary to keep in perspective each service that we hire and to bear in mind what we actually need and this will be of great help to us. It is essential to start by classifying each piece of furniture by size, weight …each one has a special feature to be taken into account.  Examples could be armchairs, glass or wrought iron tables or special beds. Once allthe furniture has been classified, choose the pieces that will be of use to you in the new property and get rid of everything else that you are not going to use. Any essential pieces can always be renovated. At this stage it is necessary to identify the best way to move out of your old home and into your new property.   


Do I have to dismantle  furniture for the moving process?

One possible option when removing furniture from a property to install them in another is whether they can be dismantled. Some furniture can be. Others, however, are better left assembled.  There are three points to be taken into account

  • Some furniture is not made to be dismantled. If the piece has been varnished or has some type of decoration which could be damaged, it is better not to  dismantle it.
  • Even if the furniture can b e dismantled, it is not always advisable to do so.  Some pieces are better left assembled. Unnecessary trips will thus will be avoided. 
  • If you think that a piece of furniture should be dismantled, look at the instructions you followed for assembling it.


Hire the services of a professional removal company

Hiring the services of a professional removal company is essential for any moving process.  Doing it yourself will only cause you problems and stress. Even more so when you are moving to another country.  Removal companies have special packing equipment and professional movers with experience that guarantees solving any problems that may arise.


Pollentia Properties is an Estate Agenccy with expertise in the sector.

Pollentia Properties can help you at each step of the process of buying a property in Mallorca.  Take advantage of our personalized customer service and find the property of your dreams.