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The best cities in Spain for digital nomads
July 19, 2022

The best cities in Spain for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is becoming fashionable, very logical if you think that nowadays it is possible to work anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection.

In addition, the pandemic has also changed our working habits and made it possible to multitask from the beach, among rice fields or at the top of a mountain, to give just a few examples.

If we focus on the definition of a digital nomad, we can see that it refers to people who have no fixed address and who can work from anywhere on the planet.

Many digital nomads choose Spain as their destination and Pollentia Properties can tell you which are the best cities in this country to start being a digital nomad


Spanish cities which are perfect for digital nomads


In our country there are several cities considered ideal for digital nomads and Pollentia Properties has chosen some of the best:




We begin our list with our favourite: Mallorca. This beautiful Mediterranean island is the perfect place to work from as a digital nomad. The climate is pleasant throughout the whole year (Mallorca has on average 300 sunny days) and there are lots of things to do (trekking, hot air ballooning, kayaking, sailing, etc.) which makes it easy to switch off after work.

Digital nomads buy luxury properties in Mallorca not just because the island has good internet connections, stunning scenery, beaches from paradise, peaceful spots and a pleasant climate but because investing here guarantees security for the future.

Did you know that Pollentia Properties has a wide range of properties for digital nomads? Go to our webpage and take a look.




Barcelona, considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain, offers a huge variety of activities which leave no time for getting bored. In addition, there are many beaches, seafront restaurants, excellent Internet connections and a rich cultural tradition to delight the lovers of art and architecture.




Valencia is similar to Barcelona except that property prices tend to be lower there. There are beautiful beaches, too, and examples of modern architecture. Added to this, you can eat the best paella in Spain and immerse yourself in the magic of this lively city bursting with life.




In Madrid there are thousands of possibilities for entertainment and for the most varied cuisine available in the whole of Spain plus culture to suit every possible taste. However, it is important to bear in mind that the cost of living is higher than in other Spanish cities suitable for digital nomads and that the climate tends to be more extreme than other parts of the country.




Thousands of tourists visit Malaga every year, attracted by the sun, beaches, cuisine and the friendly and welcoming character of the locals.  In addition, the city is not too big which makes it ideal for moving around by bike or on foot.  

It should likewise be noted that more and more companies are moving to Malaga which makes it a very interesting place to work as a digital nomad. 


Pollentia Properties, your luxury estate agency in Mallorca


Pollentia Properties wants digital nomads to be able to live in ideal conditions and to receive the best possible professional advice in their search for the ideal property in Mallorca. Get in touch with our team and tell us how we can help you to find the property most suitable for your lifestyle.

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