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Legal notice



In compliance with Law 34/2002, dated July 11th from Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (I.SSI-CE), POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE.S.L.U communicates its ownership of the website. In accordance with the requirements of article 10 of the aforementioned Law, POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U provides the following details:


NIF: B57928806




TELEPHONE: 971534585

REGISTRY NUMBER/ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Tomo: 2625 Hoja: PM-77011 Libro: 0 Inscrip.: 1 Folio: 200

User and liability regime

Surfing, access and use of the POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U gives user status.

The POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U website provides a wide range of information, services and data. The user accepts liability for the correct use of the web site.  Liability will include:

  • The veracity and legality of information given by the user on forms provided by POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U for access to certain contents or services offered on the web.

  • Use of the information, services and data  offered by POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U contrary to that specified in the present conditions, the Law, morality, good customs, public law and order or any other circumstance that could affect the rights of a third party or the correct functioning of the website

Policy of links and exemptions of liability

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U does not accept liability for contents of websites which can be accessed by the user through links established on its  website, as long as it has no effective knowledge that the activity or information accessed or recommended is illegal or damaging to assets or rights of a third party liable for compensation or, if liable, act diligently to delete or disable the corresponding link.

It is understood that POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U has effective knowledge of the contents of the previous paragraph when a competent organization has declared the illegality of the information, requiring its withdrawal or making access impossible or if the existence of an illegality has been  declared and POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U is aware of the corresponding resolution without prejudice to the detection and withdrawal of contents that POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U applies in virtue of voluntary agreements and other means of effective knowledge that could be established.

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U declares they have taken all the necessary steps to avoid any negative effect on the users of their website that could result from surfing the website. Therefore, POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U is in no circumstance liable for any negative effect on the user for surfing their website. Likewise, they are unable to guarantee technical availability, precision, validity or legality of sites not owned by them but which can be accessed through links.


POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U has the right to carry out the modifications they deem convenient to the contents of their website, with no previous notice. Both in relation to the contents of the web  site and to the conditions of use of the same, or in the general conditions of the contract.  The changes referred to in this section will not affect the contracts established prior to the date of their publication.

These modifications can be carried out in any lawfully permitted way through the website and require mandatory compliance during the period of time during which they are published on the website and until they are subsequently modified again.

Indication of prices

If prices of products and/or services are shown, those visible on the screen are valid at that moment. Prices will be shown in euros and VAT will be included. If VAT is not included in the price, this will be specifically indicated and the user will be able to see the complete and  final price.

Likewise, if any other tax is applicable, it will be indicated, including, if necessary, any increases or discounts which can be applied to the offer and any additional cost which could affect the consumer or user.

Intellectual or industrial ownership

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U  in its own name or as assignee, is the owner of all the rights to intellectual or industrial property of its webpage, and likewise of the elements contained in the same (declarative, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts, brands or logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of used material, computer programmes needed for its function, access and use, etc.) ownership of POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.LU. Therefore, these aspects will be protected as intellectual property by Spanish law and both Spanish and European legislation will be applicable in addition to international treaties relative to this subject and subscribed by Spain.

All rights reserved.   In virtue of the contents of the Law of Intellectual Property, it is specifically  prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, including tests, of all or part of the contents of this webpage, for commercial purposes in any form or any technical means, without the authorization of POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U

The user commits to respect the rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property of POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U.  They can view the elements of the portal and even print them, copy them and store them on the hard disc on their computer or any other physical means as long as it is only and exclusively for personal and private use  The user should abstain from deleting, altering, avoiding or manipulating any  protection device or security system installed on the pages of POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U

Certificate SSL (secure sockets layer)

THE SSL CERTIFICATE provides authorization, privacy and security concerning the information between POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U and the user.

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U is in possession of a security certificate used by CERTIFICADO SSL to establish secure connections.

In this process several parameters are established to make a secure connection by means of preestablished keys, coding and decoding all the data sent up to the end of the connection.

Legal actions, applicable legislation and legalities

If the user wishes to present a complaint, he/she has to make contact via email  Likewise, POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.LU. has complaint forms available to consumers and users.

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U reserves the possibility to present those civil or legal actions deemed necessary resulting from the incorrect use of its webpage and contents or from non-compliance with the present conditions.

The relationship between the user and the provider will be governed by current legislation applicable in Spain.  If any controversy should arise, the parties will be able to submit conflicts to arbitration or go to court complying with the corresponding legislation in this respect.  POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U has its business address in ILLES BALEARS, Spain.

Contracts established by email in which a consumer intervenes as one of the parties, will be based on the assumption that they are established in the location where the latter normally resides.

Electronically generated contracts between companies or professionals, in the absence of an agreement between the two parties, will be assumed to have taken place where the service provider is resident

Resolution of law suits online as per Art. 14.1 fromRegulations (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission has a platform to resolve law suits online, available with the following link:

Code of conduct for users in the comments

 The User must comply with all the corresponding laws and use the spaces available on the website to make comments in a correct manner respecting the code of conduct established in this section and likewise take into account the rules of responsibility which could derive from an incorrect or illegal use of this space. 

POLLENTIA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE S.L.U provides information concerning inappropriate conduct and their legal power to act accordingly concerning the following uses, conducts, omissions or declarations made by a member, by virtue of the relationship established as a user:

  • Act in a dishonest or unprofessional manner

  • Publish inappropriate or inaccurate content

  • Harass, take advantage of or cause harm to another person or user

  • Use or publish  images, videos or comments in a profile that could hurt the feelings of Users, or discriminate against any condition, race, ethnic group, nationality, religion, sex,sexual preferences, disabilities or illnesses or could be illegal, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminating or could be considered at fault in any way.

  • Use another person´s account or create a false identity.

  • Make false statements in order to impersonate someone else

  • Include content that contains computer virus or anything else that could delete, interrupt or impede correct surfing.

  • Sell, sponsor or obtain financial benefits through the website without authorization from POLLENTIA PROPERTIES NORTH MALLORCA RE S.LU. or if another method has been provided by POLLENTIA PROPERTIES NORTH MALLORCA RE S.LU for an exclusive service. 

  • Share information about non-Users without their specific consent. 

  • Create false profiles on the application and if any are detected, they will be deleted immediately.

  • Incite racism, xenophobia or any kind of bigotry against any group or individual.

  • Impersonate anybody or company.

  • Ask other users for money

  • Send videos, audios or photographs of anybody without their consent (in the case of a minor, without consent by the parents or legal guardians).

Last updated:  November 16th, 2023


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