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El abecedario de la golondrina is coming to Pollensa

El abecedario de la golondrina is coming to Pollensa

On Friday September 9th at 19.30, Kristian Taylor, our Team Assistant & Linguistic Coordinator at Pollentia Properties, will present the book El abecedario de la golondrina by Jesús Torres Beato in the town library Can llobera in Pollensa.

El abecedario de la golondrina is a collection of poems about life, love, play and beauty.  In this work, the author also includes subjects such as silence, erotism and the spiritual search for self discovery.

This is a collection for absolutely everybody and it includes some considerations of a philosophical nature which could be of interest to many people who be charmed by its contents.  


Jesús Torres Beato, author of El abecedario de la golondrina


The author of El abecedario de la golondrina, Jesús Torres Beato, was born in Malaga in 1992. He won the first prize for Short Stories in the Marbella Crea Competition of 2017 and he is up till now the only winner of the three categories of this competition: poetry (2013), microstory (2014) and short story (2017). In addition, Torres Beato has come second on two occasions.

In 2018 his work was published in the Anthology of the 2nd International Meeting of “Poesía Ciudad de Cabra” and has taken part in poetry courses organized by the University of Malaga, for example “Poetry and Patronage” and “Poetry to refound the World”-

He has also taken part in poetry workshops with the writer Alvaro García, winner of the Loewe Prize and the Argentinian writer Carlos Salem.


The presentation event will take place at the Town Library Can Llobera in Pollensa


El abecedario de la golondrina will be presented by Kristian Taylor at the Town Library Can Llobera in the Plaça Vella in Pollensa. The building formerly belonged to the Llobera family and was acquired by the Town Hall in 2004. Refurbishment work was carried out to fix the roof, make it adequate for use by people with mobility issues and renovate several areas.

During the refurbishment process, emphasis was placed on preserving architectural and historical elements, such as the façade, the entrance hall, the kitchen, the shop, the staircase, the dining room, the first floor slope and all the original decorative elements.

The Historical Archives of Pollensa are also to be found in Can Llobera and they contain important documents such as the Archive of the Orden de Temple and the Orden de San Juan de Malta.


Pollentia Properties lends it support to cultural activities


Pollentia Properties wants to lend their support to cultural activities being held on the island. So we would like to invite all book lovers to the presentation of El abecedario de la golondrina. We look forward to seeing you on September 19th at 19.30 in the Town Library Can Llobera in Pollensa.