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Pollentia Properties is one of the sponsors of the Brahms Festival 2022

Pollentia Properties is one of the sponsors of the Brahms Festival 2022

Pollentia Properties is proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors of the Brahms Festival 2022, an event which will commemorate the 125th anniversary of the death of the composer Johannes Brahms, considered one of the greatest and highly regarded musicians in history.

The festival will take place in the Pollença Cloisters in the heart of one of towns in Mallorca with most cultural activities on September 4th, 10th, 17th and 24th.

There will be a total of four concerts in the Brahms Festival 2022 and spectators will be able to enjoy four different types of music which were fundamental in the life of the composer: symphonic, music for piano, string quartet and chamber music.

By going to the Brahms Festival 2022 you will be able to admire Johannes Brahms´s exceptional repertoire and enjoy performances by outstanding artists  such as Magí Garcías, Bernat Quetglas, Can Çakmur, Zuzanna Sosnowska and the Quiroga Quartet.


Johannes Brahms, an outstanding composer born in the city of Hamburg


Johannes Brahms was born in the German city of Hamburg on May 7th. 1833 and was a great composer who studied violin and cello prior to specializing in the piano.

His work was so exceptional that Robert Schumann, one of the most important and representative composers of the Romantic music era, said these words about him “I believe that one day there should be and there would suddenly be someone chosen to express the highest sentiments of our time in an ideal way: someone who would bring artistry. And this someone has arrived. His name is Johannes Brahms”.

What Schumann said helped to launch Brahms ´s career, although the beginnings weren´t easy. In his concerts, he interpreted the music of great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven or Haydn but the audience expected to hear more innovative music.

The spectators´ demands lead Brahms to develop a unique style of music, a synthesis of the present and the past which contributed to him becoming one of the first composers to use music from all times. In order to create this musical fusion, Brahms did extensive research into how composers such as Bach, Schutz, Gabrieli, Scarlatti or Haendel had structured their work and he listened carefully to Hungarian folk music, which allowed him to use striking rhythms, key changes and a wide variety of chords in his own particular style.


Pollentia Properties supports the Brahms Festival 2022


At Pollentia Properties we are lovers of culture and we couldn´t miss the chance to sponsor the Brahms Festival 2022, an event which will bring the works of one of the most outstanding and acclaimed composers in the history of classical music to Pollensa.


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The code is BRAHMSPROP.