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Santa Catalina, a vibrant neighbourhood full of life and leisure

Santa Catalina, a vibrant neighbourhood full of life and leisure

The neighbourhood of Santa Catalina is a place to meet up with friends and enjoy their company right in the centre of Palma.  The busy streets are always full of people in the pavement cafés and restaurants.

Just a few minutes from the historic centre of Palma, this area, formerly inhabited by fishermen, has become very trendy.  There is a wide range of cuisine and leisure activities on offer which makes Santa Catalina a centre for fashionable bars and restaurants.

Pollentia Properties, a local Estate Agency in Mallorca, gives you more information about this emblematic neighbourhood of Palma and the properties available there.


Emblematic meeting point

The emblematic neighbourhood of Santa Catalina owes its name to the hospital founded in honour of Catalina de Alejandria, patron saint of sailors. Just a few metres from the Seafront Boulevard of Palma, it has spectacular vies of the Bay and of the luxury yachts sailing along the coast.

What was formerly a fishermen´s enclave has become a place visited both by local people and overseas visitors. When you take a stroll around tis charming streets and squares, you will see many restaurants offering every kind of international food you could wish for.

The Santa Catalina market, dating from 1920, gives a local character to the neighbourhood. The essence of its local products, its aromas and flavours attract many visitors to this market. So much so that evening leisure activities in Palma have their starting point at the market stalls, where people go to try fresh products sold there.

It is a proven fact that Santa Catalina is an area full of life where people go to enjoy themselves in their leisure time. Life for residents is vibrant with a connection to the energy constantly flooding its establishments.

Even though most activity in the neighbourhood takes place in the evening/night on account of its numerous businesses centred on leisure and bar activities, there is also a lot going on during the morning, There are charming cafeterias and bakeries around the market that specialize in coffee and a wide variety of breakfasts and brunches. 

Living and investing in Santa Catalina

Life in this vibrant part of the city is governed by the flow of the market, restaurants, and eateries. At just a few steps from the city centre and the Seafront Boulevard, people who are especially active and wish to get the maximum enjoyment from life, will find just the right place for them here.


Pollentia Properties selects properties in Santa Catalina

The property market in Santa Catalina comprises apartments and attics with large windows and fantastic views.  Our office in Palma can offer you personalized assistance to find a property you like in one of the most popular and charismatic residential areas of Palma.