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Properties auctioned in Spain, how to obtain maximum profitability?

Pollentia Properties is specialize in online auctions in the extrajudicial area, dedicated to the sale of properties. Expert and specialized skills are necessary in order to take on the challenges presented by the complicated system of properties up for auction in Spain. Let's see how it works:

  1. The legal system makes provision for a creditor to ultimately put to auction a property acquired from a debtor who has been forced to sell it via court action.

  2. Through the auction process, a property can sell between 20% and 30% more than its open market price, although it has to be said that the potential risks are higher and this route has its complications.

  3. Purchasing a property through auction requires the support of specialists with in depth knowledge of this specific field with the object of avoiding lengthy legal processes in the future.

  4. Auction properties are not accessible to a normal buyer, only to agents who are conversant with the systems through which auctions and repossession of properties are managed.

How to buy a house at auction with Pollentia Properties

Acquiring assets through auctions: this line of action is generating a lot of interest due to the increasing number of properties available and the end result of each bid. We work with a minimum of 30% net profit margin for the client and our multitasking team takes charge of the process starting with locating and studying the viability of interesting properties and finishing with the client taking possession.

We are specialists in property auction processes in Spain

Our Auction Properties Department works closely with a specialist lawyer to offer clients a property search service if they are interested in taking advantage of the considerable savings that it is possible to make when buying a property through auction. 
To look further into this option, we suggest you contact us and we will be pleased to advise you about the possibilities open to you. Our system is essentially flexible in order to adapt to the demands of clients and to steer them through the complexities of this particular field.

Mallorca Property Auction

Fill out the form that we offer below and discover our guide with all the information about the process of buying real estate at an auction.