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Pollentia Properties advises you about mortgages
for buying a property in Mallorca

If we wish to purchase a property in Mallorca, we need to be sure of, whether it's to be used for a future investment or own use, that the final purchase result is optimum.

This is why sometimes we need a bit of a financial boost, and in this case at Pollentia Properties we have the solution to your problems. As well as having a team of professionals behind each transaction to be able to assure maximum safety for our clients, we also have professionals who search for the bank's best offers so you can buy your new property without having to worry about searching for options.


Regarding the finance of the subsequent renovation through a second mortgage on the property the bank can finance up to 60% of the renovation budget.

This amount will be paid out against certificates of work completed from the architect and with in-depth inspections by the architect at the execution of 25%,50%, 75% and on completion of the renovation.

The documents the bank needs for the finance of the renovation are:

Another difference is that during the period of renovation; 6,12 or 18 months you only pay interests on the used limit.

Once completed the renovation and we obtain the certificate of completion of works from the town hall, the bank will convert the limit of the finance into a mortgage with monthly payments. (just like the first mortgage)

All the above conditions can be modified since this is just an example of a mortgage process.

Pollentia Properties can put you in touch with the best banks to finance the purchase of your new home, which means that you have access to their best financial conditions and products.

As examples, we are giving you 4 different mortgage options with their corresponding interest rates.

These conditions must be final authorized together with the amount of the mortgage and in this sense, the LTV and DTI are important aspects to the bank.

Mortgage conditions:

For the mortgage application, the bank requires from every applicant:


Mortgage adjusted to your needs

We want all of our clients to find a mortgage adjusted to their needs in as little time possible thanks to our experience in the sector, and always guaranteeing maximum professionalism and implication.

Purchasing a property in Mallorca can be a little confusing if you don't know the banking or juridical system well, so at Pollentia Properties we can assure you that we'll be here to help orientate you during each of the stages you may wish and solve all of the problems.

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